It often seems like we have more to do each day than we actually have time to do it in. After all, there are only so many waking hours and there’s no getting around the time it takes to work and sleep!

Luckily, we have these life hacks to get those hours back. While we can’t promise that they’ll make you a modern-day MacGyver, they will save you some time and money, leaving you free to do what you want!

1. Put toilet paper in the toilet bowl to reduce splashing.


2. Make the elevator go directly to your floor by pressing the button for your floor and the “door close” button at the same time.


3. If you need to do something in the middle of the night, cover one eye as you turn the lights off. That way, you can retain your ability to see in the dark.


4. Fix a stripped screw hole by inserting toothpicks.


5. Open a chain lock from the outside using just a single rubber band.

6. Point a remote at a cell phone to see if it’s working. If screen picks up the infrared light, that means the remote works!


7. Placing a remote under your skull will also increase its distance capacity.


8. If you need a ruler and don’t have one, measure your hand now and remember its exact length for later.


9. Squirt hand sanitizer on a lock if it ever gets frozen. This should melt the ice.


10. Floss is so durable that an inmate once used it to cut through the bars of his cell.


11. Use Jell-O if you need to make copies of a map or other documents.


12. Rubber bands can be used to remove stripped screws.


13. Prisoners of Alcatraz escaped by making a raft out of raincoats, and you can make one yourself!


See, that was easy! Now what are you going to do with all of your free time?

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