It’s not just an expression: In life, we really do have to take the good with the bad — entire days included! Sometimes, we wake up feeling like the world is pushing left and we’re trying to move right. It’s exhausting, frustrating, and completely depletes our motivation, but there is a small silver lining…

Bad days happen to everyone! While that might not be a completely comforting thought, it’s always nice to know we’re not alone during the rough times. On top of that, it’s important to have a little humility and laugh at ourselves to keep life in perspective.

Bad days are the worst but we simply can’t avoid them. Here we celebrate this universal truth in 15 pictures that demonstrate no matter how bad your day might be, someone else is probably dealing with a similarly awful situation… and your situation could always be much worse!

1. Anybody order a well-done pizza? It’s not delivery, it’s disastrous.

shit pics 1TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

2. This hearse is going to have some answering to do…

shit pics 2TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

3. This is literally the opposite of what they meant to do.

shit pics 3TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

4. “How would you like you haircut, today?” “Hmm. I’d like it short on the sides, and then full of hedgehog quills on top.”

shit pics 4THeCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

5. Hope you weren’t really counting on that carbonated pick-me-up.

shit pics 5TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

6. Ouch… It might be hard to top her bad day.

shit pics 6THeCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

7. Someone did not calculate this correctly.

shit pics 7TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

8. “What the cluck happened to all my eggs!?”

shit pics 8TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

9. Rough day at the office for these two.

shits pics 9TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

10. Not everyone can total their car without even being in an accident!

shit pics 10TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

11. It’s hard to tell whose day was worse.

shit pics 11TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

12. This was definitely not part of the commercial. 

shit pics 12TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

13. Oh, I didn’t know “paint” was an option for interior these days.
shit pics 13

14. ::Throws hands in air, calls headquarters::

shit pics 14TheCouncilOfRicks / Imgur

15. “So, you’re telling me ceiling tiles won’t hold the weight of a fully grown human? Prove it.”

shit pics 15

So, there you have it: 15 reasons not to let your bad day get the best of you. Stay positive, and keep on trucking!

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