We all could use some tips and tricks to make our lives easier. While there is no shortage of them on the internet, not all of them work, or are even safe ideas. Having to vet the validity of all these claims can be more of an annoyance than they’re worth.

That’s why we’ve gathered these 18 tips and tricks for everyday items in your home that you’ve likely been using wrong your entire life. Check them out for yourself!

1. You can peel a hardboiled egg without peeling the shell.


2. Heinz Ketchup bottles have a “sweet spot.”

using-wrong-2The Sun

3. Applesauce lids turn into spoons.


4. Pasta spoons measure a serving of pasta.


5. Pot handles feature a spoon holder.


6. Juice boxes have handles on each side.


7. There’s more than one type of plunger. 


8. You’re supposed to store natural peanut butter upside down.

using-wrong-8The Kitchn

9. Soda can tabs are actually straw holders.

using-wrong-9Food Beast

10. The loop on the back of a dress shirt is so you can hang it up.

using-wrong-10Washington Star News

11. You’ve been using bobby pins all wrong.

using-wrong-11Good Housekeeping

12. The tabs on the side of the box hold the roll in place.

using-wrong-12This Week For Dinner

13. Chinese take-out boxes turn into plates.

using-wrong-13Food Beast

14. The drawer on your oven should be used to warm your food.


15. There’s a correct way to break-off a Toblerone.

using-wrong-15The Bounce

16. There’s an easy way to open a can without breaking a nail.


17. You can unfold condiment containers to hold more condiments.

using-wrong-17Life Hacker

18. There is a built-in dispenser to release one Tic Tac.

using-wrong-18Food Beast

I can’t believe I’ve been using so many items wrong my entire life!

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