Headaches are often the result of life’s everyday stresses, but every now and again, they can be signs of something much worse. The best thing to do if you are suffering from serious headaches that just won’t go away is go to see your general practitioner.

That’s exactly what one woman did when her headaches simply wouldn’t stop after nine excruciating months. Yadira Rostra of Garland, Texas, hoped her headaches were harmless, but something kept gnawing at the back of her mind: what if something was seriously wrong?

So, the 31-year-old mother made an appointment with her doctor and even received a CT scan. When she saw the results, however, she was beyond horrified…

For the most part, Yadira Rostra lived a quiet life in Garland, Texas. She was a working single mother, so it was only natural that she would deal with bouts of differing stress. She figured it was just a side effect of her hectic schedule.

Yadira tape worm YouTube

Much to her chagrin, Yadira’s migraines became more and more common each day until, one particular night, she got a headache that simply refused to go away. It was as if she couldn’t seem to shake the horrible feeling no matter what she did.


The headache lasted several days. Then days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months—nine months in all, to be exact. Yadira knew that she had a responsibility to take care of herself. After all, her health didn’t just affect her—it also affected her young son. Yadira knew it was time to see a professional, so she went to the doctor… but she’d have no way of knowing the horror she’d find.


Yadira immediately underwent an emergency CT scan to further assess her potentially dangerous situation. The results of the scan were both unexpected and frightening. At first glance, doctors believed it to be a brain tumor…


The doctors suspected that the gray mass on her scan could be quite serious, but they knew they needed to run more tests before they figured out how to proceed. So, what exactly was the issue? They were going to do their best to find out.


The doctors mapped Yadira’s brain once again, all the while hoping to get a better look at the potential tumor that was causing her serious headaches. Their only hope was to give the young woman a better overall result and hope that they were wrong.


Upon closer inspection, the doctors realized that the giant mass in Yadira’s brain did not look like a brain tumor at all. In fact, it looked like something else completely, though, they couldn’t give a proper diagnosis…


That’s when they realized what was happening. While inspecting the brain scan, the doctors could not believe it: the mass might have looked like a tumor at first, but now that they could really examine it, they learned that it was shaping up to be something far more gruesome…

Yadira tape worm YouTube

The doctors had no choice but to perform emergency brain surgery on Yadira and get the bottom of the matter. When they finally accessed her brain, they discovered that it was not a tumor at all—but, horrifyingly, egg sacs. Eight egg sacs in total, that is.

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The doctors could barely believe what they were seeing. The eggs sacs housed a very specific kind of insect. To find out what was living inside of Yadira’s brain that was causing her such tremendous pain, watch the video below

You are definitely going to think twice about eating anything even remotely questionable from now on, right? Phew!

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