When a person learns that they’re adopted, they’re understandably faced with plenty of questions about themselves and their biological parents. What kind of lives did they lead? What is their ethnicity? The list goes on. Sometimes people are curious about this history and want to seek out answers, but others are content with the life they currently have and don’t want to go digging. There can certainly be pluses and minuses in both circumstances.

For instance, what if you found out that one of your biological parents had done some very bad things? Would it change the way you felt about them? Would it alter the thoughts you had about yourself?

Musician Matthew Roberts, 48, knew he was adopted at an early age. He didn’t have much interest in his biological parents until he was ready to marry and have kids at age 25. After four years of research, he finally found the answers he was looking for, and they left him deeply unsettled.

The moment a person learns they’ve been adopted can be an interesting time in their life. Regardless of how wonderful their childhood may have been, adoption still leads to plenty of questions about a person’s true lineage.

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Matthew Roberts, a 48-year-old-musician, found out that he was adopted when he was young. He never really had too much interest in learning about his birth parents until he was going to get married in his twenties. His fiance was curious as to the ethnicity of the children they would have. Little did Matthew know, he was about to embark on quite a journey.


For four years, all Matthew found were dead ends. He was making no progress at all. He didn’t want to waste many more years of his life searching for an answer that may not have even existed, but after a lot of digging, Matthew finally got in touch with a woman at the adoption agency that he was involved with. The news she revealed to him was seriously disturbing.

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Matthew was told that his mother was mentally unstable, but he decided to contact her anyway. At first, the conversation was kept light, as he was trying to establish a relationship, but then he asked about his biological father. This is where Matthew’s story took a very dark turn.


Over the course of several letters, Matthew’s mother told him that she had become good friends with Mary Brenner, a member of infamous killer Charles Manson’s family, and that she herself was involved with the Manson family for a short time. Matthew’s jaw hit the floor. How could this be possible?

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His mother went on to say that during her time with the family, she was had a sexual encounter with Manson and got pregnant. Her father stopped her from ever seeing Manson again after that incident, which prevented her from becoming involved in the murders Manson would orchestrate a short while later. This came as a relief, but now Matthew finally knew the disturbing truth: Charles Manson was his father. 


Matthew decided to reach out to Manson in prison for more answers. Manson replied immediately to his letter and confirmed many of the details his mother had spoken about. Matthew was in shock. This was a huge bombshell that had been dropped on him, and so late in life.


Matthew says that although he knows all about the suffering that Manson caused so many families years ago, he is still keen to meet him before he dies in prison. He has since written some songs about the discovery. Some people believe he’s trying to use this infamous connection as a stepping stone into the music world, but Matthew claims that it has been of no help whatsoever. People aren’t exactly excited to be involved with the son of a serial killer, it seems. The only thing Matthew can do now is keep moving forward regardless of the dark truth he’s learned.


What would you do if you found out you were directly related to an infamous criminal? It would be almost impossible to believe at first, but stranger things have happened for sure.

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