One of the biggest questions we as human beings can ask is: “What happens after we die?” Obviously, no one can know for sure, but there are plenty of interesting theories, and even some actual evidence, that offer some sort of an insight into the likelihood of an afterlife.

Some of the biggest pieces of evidence supporting the claim that this spiritual realm exists are pictures taken at just the right moment that seem to capture human souls traveling up towards a heavenly light after a fatal occurrence. Of course, skeptics will always have an explanation as to why the photos aren’t real, but sometimes, a picture is just too perfect to be coincidental.

When Anisa Gannon of Gainesville, Georgia snapped a picture of a fatal car accident that was causing a traffic jam on her way to work, she had no idea that she was going to capture something extraordinary through her lens that would have a profound impact on not only her, but on the families of the crash victims.

No one is quite sure what happens after we die. Some of us don’t think anything occurs, but others like to think that there is some sort of a beautiful afterlife that our souls return to. While we may not know for sure, there is, in fact, some evidence that supports the claim that an otherworldly realm may actually exist. And much of this evidence is in the form of perfectly-timed photos that occasionally make their way around the Internet.

car-crash-4kickize / Flickr

When Gainesville, Georgia residents Hannah Simmons, her nine-month-old daughter A’lannah, and her best friend Lauren Buteau went for a drive one sunny afternoon, Hannah lost control of her vehicle and crashed into oncoming traffic. All three women unfortunately passed away at the scene of the accident. Their families were devastated, but little did they know, a glimmer of hope would soon appear in the form of a candid picture… 

car-crash-2Paige Wilson

Pictured above, left to right: Lauren, Hannah, and a friend.

Anisa Gannon, another resident of Gainesville, was on her way to work and got caught in the traffic jam that Hannah’s horrific crash had caused. She wanted to take a picture of the scene to prove to her boss that there was an accident just in case she showed up late. But, she wasn’t prepared for what her camera lens was about to reveal…

car-crash-5allen / Flickr

Anisa was blown away by what she saw in the photo. There was an unmistakable beam of light shining from the sky above directly down onto the fatal scene. Anisa knew in her heart that this was a sign from the heavens. It was evidence that although Hannah, A’lannah and Lauren may be gone from this world, they are very much at peace in another. Anisa knew that she needed to get this photo to the victims’ families to offer some sort of hope among this tragic event.

car-crash-1Anisa Gannon

When the families finally saw the picture, they all agreed that it was a sign from a higher power letting them know that although their loved ones were gone, they were in a beautiful place. This peace of mind didn’t necessarily alleviate the emptiness they felt, but it did give them hope that they would be able to overcome their tragic loss. 

car-crash-3Hannah Simmons

Pictured above: Hannah and A’lannah.

Some skeptics have argued that the beam of light was merely a window glare, but Anisa and the victims’ families know that it signifies something so much more important: peace and hope.

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