Let’s face it, nobody really likes waiting for public transportation. It’s not really anyone’s favorite part of the morning routine. When my train is a couple minutes late I usually take it as a sign that the gods are telling me to go back to sleep.

But one commuter in Rotterdam-Kralingen, Netherlands, actually enjoys the tram so much that he waits for it each and every day. And this adorable commuter is… a cat.

Meet Ake. For the past 10 years, this handsome fellow has been waiting at his local tram stop.


He has a spot that he frequents for the day until his owners come by and take him home.


He’s amassed quite the fan-base among the nearby residents take the public transportation every day. What used to be a pain, is actually a joy with Ake around.


Really, people just love him!


He even has his own Facebook page where people can post pictures of and with him.


Also, he has his own seat on the platform, and everyone knows not to mess with it. It reads: “Seat only to be used by black and white cat.”


 The tram-driver who goes by Ake’s stop every day says that everyone knows to leave that seat alone.


In fact, the driver also said that sometimes Ake will hop onto the tram with the commuters.


That’s right. He rides the tram.


The tram drivers make sure to bring him back to his stop so he can get home at the end of the day.


His owner was initially surprised to find out her cat had become a star.


Although she was thrilled to hear all about his newfound stardom, she had to make sure that people stopped feeding Ake – he has a rare condition that requires a special diet.


I don’t know about you, but I’m in love.


Source: Buzzfeed

Ake really knows how to milk a crowd: show up every day, get lots of pets, get a seat reserved, and a Facebook page. What a superstar!

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