For as long as humans have existed there have been eight common blood types: A, AB, B, and O with each having a positive or negative trait. These only vary based on the proteins found in each individual’s blood.

It is suggested that as much as 38% of the US population has O-positive blood (the most common), while as little as 1% has AB-negative (the least common).

Now, scientists are claiming that they have discovered a new blood type in humans that stems from an unbelievable source. You have to see what it means if you have this stuff coursing through your veins…

Researchers have long believed that humans are born with one of the common blood types: A, AB, B, and O. However, a recent but controversial scientific discovery is blasting that theory out of the water…


The new blood type in question is known as RH-negative. It’s so rare that scientists claim people who have it could have alien DNA! After performing studies, researchers found that RH blood does not carry the evolutionary gene found in rhesus monkeys that most other humans have. Meaning, they didn’t evolve from the same lineage as other people.


Scientists are suggesting that between 10-15% of the population carries this RH blood type, and they are continuing to explore its possible origins. So far, they have discovered that this type could be connected to some tribes dating back 35,000 years. 


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