Even if your idea of cooking falls well short of professional, you still probably use aluminum foil fairly regularly. As a fantastic insulator, this handy item is essential to any kitchen supply cabinet.

Nevertheless, aluminum foil has a whole ton of other uses that most people are tragically unaware of. The next time you buy a roll for your culinary endeavors, grab a second one; as you’ll see, it can make your life much easier!

Here are 15 clever uses for aluminum foil that will make your life outside of the kitchen super simple. You’ll never look at tin foil the same way again!

1. Replace a funnel: Trying to get a large amount of liquid into a small opening can be very frustrating if you don’t have a funnel on hand. To save yourself from having to clean up a huge spill, simply mold the foil into a funnel shape and insert it into the opening of whatever needs to be filled.

2. Iron both sides of your clothes at once: Wrinkled clothes make you look unprofessional, but ironing them can take a while. Placing a sheet of foil underneath clothing while you iron them saves time and helps leave the material crease-free!

 3. Sharpen scissors: If you’re the type of person who uses scissors frequently, then you know that the blades tend to dull after hundreds of snips. However, cutting into a piece of foil several times will slightly sharpen them.

4. Turn AAA batteries into AA batteries: Most pieces of electronics require AA batteries, but if you only have AAA batteries lying around, you can convert them! Try placing a small bit of foil at the positive ends before inserting them into your equipment.

5. Eliminate static electricity from clothing: It can be frustrating when you’re trying to smooth out your clothing and little bits of debris cling on and refuse to let go. Rubbing a ball of foil on the material will eliminate that pesky static once and for all.

6. Clean an iron: Irons, just like anything else that’s made with metal, start to rust after a while. And all that rust can transfer to your clothing if you’re not careful. A sheet of foil, however, will leave your iron’s metal face looking brand-new!

7. Clean silverware: Rusted silverware is never a good thing. Placing them in an aluminum foil-lined tray and adding baking soda, salt, and boiling-hot water to it should help eliminate the unsightly stuff.

8. Move furniture easily: When you decide to rearrange a room in your home, moving the heavy furniture is never fun, especially if you have carpeted floors and the furniture won’t slide around. Placing a piece of foil under the legs of large tables or couches will allow them to glide along the carpet more easily.

9. Improve the WiFi signal: People are always looking for stronger and faster Internet connections wherever they go. Folding a piece of tin foil into a small rectangle and placing it behind a router should help increase the speed!

10. Clean a hot glue gun: If you’ve ever needed to use a hot glue gun, then you probably also remember what a pain it was to clean. The glue would harden around the tip, making it nearly impossible to use again without trying to peel it off. Tin foil takes the cemented glue right off.

11. Protect food from burning: Anyone who does a lot of cooking has at least one horror story where they burned a meal. A foolproof way to ensure that it never happens again is to line a skillet with aluminum foil to prevent the food from making direct contact with the metal pan. Voila!

12. Remove rust from chrome-plated surfaces: Chrome tends to accumulate rust easily, but that doesn’t mean that you need to sit back and accept it. If you soak a ball of tin foil in cold water and start scrubbing, the rust will come off and your chrome will look brand-new again!

13. Seal plastic bags: If you’ve ever left a plastic bag full of food open for too long, you know how stale it can become. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! Place a thin strip of foil over the bag’s opening and press it with an iron. Presto!

14. Use foil for a touchscreen: Touchscreen technology is a lifesaver, and almost every phone on the market today has it. Some people prefer to use a stylus as opposed to their fingers, however. Instead of shelling out money for one, wrap aluminum foil around a pen or other thin, pointed instrument to make a DIY stylus that works just as good as the ones in the store.

15. Make cookie cutters: Cookies are even better when they’re in fun shapes. To make your own cookie-cutter shapes, make a creative outline using tin foil, and then press it into cookie dough for creative designs your friends and family will love to eat.

Who knew that this material was so versatile? Double-down on your next tin foil purchase and try these hacks yourself!

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