It’s really easy to forget just how extraordinary life can be. While the world is full of stunning sights, sometimes they get lost in the hustle and bustle of the routine that makes up our day-to-day lives.

While everyone would like to take a year-long vacation and travel the world to soak up all the beauty that exists around them, sadly, it isn’t always possible. That is exactly why people rely on photographs to transport them to another time and place.

These 22 amazing photographs capture just some of the wonder that the world has to offer. You might not have a vacation in your future, but looking at these images might just help you feel a bit more refreshed and renewed!

1. Check out this amazing photograph of a church by a riverside shrouded in mist. While this is just an ordinary church, something about the way it looks against the setting sun transforms the entire scene into a moment straight out of the King Arthur legends.


2. This photograph goes to show you that the only thing cuter than a sleepy bunny might be a sleepy bunny on a bunny-shaped cushion. Look at the way this little cutie is snuggling and try to imagine anything cuter!


3. The Greek island of  Zakynthos is a secluded destination best known by locals. Its mammoth cliffs and crystal blue waters make it feel like the ultimate escape from the outside world. It’s such a flawless oasis from the rigors of daily life!


4. At first glance, the old woman in this photograph might seem unremarkable. But do you notice the one thing that she’s doing that the others aren’t? Among this throng of people gathered to see Johnny Depp at a movie premiere, she was the only one who didn’t take out her smartphone. She was content enough to savor the moment like a true fan!


5. While this might look like something scientists would unearth on an alien planet, it’s actually an aloe vera leaf! The broken leaf reveals all of the rich goodness inside the plant that people use to treat burns and moisturize their skin.


6. These seagulls all lined up in a row are probably just resting and socializing with each other during the early hours of the morning. Still, it’s fun to pretend that they are lined up for inspection by their two feathered commanders.


7. When you think of an Arctic fox, you probably conjure images of fleet-footed, nimble creatures hunting their prey or frolicking in the snow. This particular fox looks a whole lot more like an overfed pet dog than he does a wild animal, which only makes him all the more lovable for it!


8. These sweet-faced puppies are a study in contrasts. The first is curious, but too nervous to get very close; the second, with his head popping through the fence, is eager; while the third has seen what there is to see and is in the middle of trying to free himself from the clutches of the fence. Three different takes, but all adorable.


9. There’s no need for this father to run a DNA test to find out whether or not this newborn is his. The proof is in the pudding—and plain for all to see! This father-and-son duo shares more than a faint resemblance; they share a unique and unmistakable birthmark.


10. If you thought this was a painting when you first looked at it, you aren’t alone. The picturesque beauty of the Heavenly Mountains in China have inspired artists for thousands of years. Looking at the varied textures and surreal colors, it is easy to see why.


11. Usually you aren’t supposed to mix your darks with your lights when it comes to doing a load of washing. However, if you’re talking cats (and not T-shirts), then an exception can definitely be made. Look at these cute bath-time companions!


12. The bond between dogs and their owners is special and unique. Some dogs love to wake up their owners first thing in the morning, while others—like these two sweethearts—relish any chance they get to stay cozy with their person.


13. They say that many hands make light work, and this photograph is a perfect example of just that! These local women enjoy the time they spend preparing meals together, catching up about the news of the day, and sharing a laugh.


14. Sometimes you can find all the peace of mind you need in contemplating the setting sun. This photograph of an empty boat moored in shallow waters gives the optical illusion of the vessel floating in the sunset itself. It’s all at once peaceful and inspiring.


15. In this day and age, it’s all too common to focus on the things that make humans different from one another. Photographs like this one remind the world that, while differences exist, things like love, friendship, and respect transcend nation, color, and creed.


16. These two bullets actually collided at the battle of Gallipoli during World War I! It is all at once a painful reminder of a bleak and violent time and an awe-inspiring artifact that totally defies the odds. There’s nothing quite like it.


17. Courtyards like the one where this was taken can feel oppressive if you forget to turn your eyes upward and look to the sky. This photographer managed to capture the feeling of freedom that the sky provides while never letting the viewer forget just how small they are.


18. Normally you don’t get a chance to see such sharp, detailed photos of baby kangaroos like this long-lashed fellow. They spend so much time gestating inside their mothers’ pouches! This rare opportunity to contemplate a baby ‘roo in all his cuteness is one that should be cherished.


19. Mount Assininiboine in Canada might have a confusing name, but what it lacks in a lovely moniker it more than makes up for with nearly fantastical beauty. From the glacial lakes to the craggy outcroppings of stone, it’s a location like no other on Earth.


20. The Papua province of Indonesia is known for its verdant landscapes and amazing conflagration of wildlife. The stunningly clear waters of the region make it one of the best places in the world to explore marine biology without ever leaving your boat.


21. When autumn finally arrives each year, it comes and goes so quickly that it can be easy to miss things like the changing colors of the leaves. This amazing photograph of the fiery shades of fall in a forest make the season impossible to miss.


22. The ginger tomcat might still be a kitten, but he’s already all personality! Look at him standing back on two legs just to wave hello. This little guy is further proof that tiny, fluffy animals are almost always the cutest, even when they’re doing nothing at all!


These photographs might all be a little bit different (or a lot different) from one another, but they are each breathtaking in their own special way. It’s inspiring to see all the beautiful things the world has to offer!

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