As much as people may love animals, the fact remains that certain creatures are more dangerous than others. Most of us know that we have to be much more careful around a grizzly bear than our own house cat, for example.

Yet of course, when it comes to wild animals, it’s usually best to leave even the seemingly innocuous ones alone. While they might not have the reputation of being particularly bloodthirsty, some critters out there can certainly cause some serious damage.

One man in Latvia recently learned the hard way that no creature should ever be underestimated!

In April 2016, a man named Sergei in Daugavpils, Latvia, was reportedly the victim of a sustained attack and hostage crisis of sorts by an enraged neighbor. According to a local newspaper, however, the attacker—who struck late at night while Sergei was out for a walk—wasn’t who (or what!) you might expect.


The furious assailant was actually a beaver! Evidently, it jumped out from the shadows and bit down hard on Sergei’s leg. Despite his best efforts to stand up and fight the rodent off, he kept getting knocked back down and bitten again and again.


Sergei called 911 as soon as he could, but unfortunately (though quite understandably), the operator assumed that he was joking. Despite his desperate cries for help, the operator hung up on him, leaving Sergei to fend for himself.

3-beaverBryn Davies / Flickr

Sergei managed to contact one of his friends to come over and help, even though it took some time to convince him that he was being completely serious. Unfortunately, though, the friend was pulled over after being caught speeding on the way to help his desperate pal!

4-beaverBryn Davies / Flickr

Somehow, the friend managed to convince the police officer that the reason he was driving so quickly was because he had to save Sergei from a vicious beaver attack. Perhaps the cop thought that the story was too absurd not to be true?


The police officer and the friend eventually found Sergei, who was indeed being “held hostage” by an irate beaver. Luckily, Sergei is doing fine now, although he did need to get 15 stitches. The beaver, meanwhile, is still on the loose, and it looks like he’ll never be charged for his crimes; the animal is actually protected in Latvia!


According to the Daugavpils Zoo’s director, beavers usually search for new territory during the spring and thus have been known to become quite aggressive. So, if you spot one in a dark alley at night, be careful, because they don’t mess around!


Hopefully, Sergei realized that he was in an unusual situation and he didn’t develop a lifelong fear of beavers. His story will certainly change the way many people look at those cuddly river rodents, though!

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