Superheroes will probably always be popular because, for us normies, it’s awesome to imagine what it must be like to have special, unique powers that let us do amazing things. From mythological figures like Hercules to comic book icons like Superman, they inspire us all with childlike wonder.

Obviously, superheroes do not exist in real life, but you’d never know that after seeing Minnesota man Jeff Dabe do his thing. No, he doesn’t wear any spandex, nor does he actively fight crime (as far as we know).

He was, however, born with an incredible gift that many mutants in the X-Men would envy! Just wait until you see it…

In 1963, a healthy baby named Jeff Dabe was born in Stacy, Minnesota. There was just one problem, however: doctors weren’t certain why he had such unusually large arms, even though there was nothing medically wrong with him.

This photograph was taken when Jeff was just 10 years old, but already he had massive, powerful arms. It’s no surprise that he earned the nickname “Popeye,” in reference to the muscular cartoon sailor, for his unusual physical feature.

By the time that Jeff was fully grown, his arms were a whopping 19 inches in circumference. Naturally, he started to become successful competing in arm wrestling championships in the late 1970s when he was still a teenager.

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Unfortunately, though, this initial success was met by a terrible accident in 1986. He was two or three minutes into a heated arm wrestling match while competing in the famous Over the Top tournament when his right arm popped.

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He didn’t even book an appointment with a doctor—Jeff knew right then and there that it was time to give up arm wrestling, at least temporarily. He didn’t start competing again until 2012. But this time, he started using his left arm instead…

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Jeff doesn’t use any particular technique to become a champion arm wrestler, nor does he practice any special workouts outside of regular farm chores. All he needs is the natural strength of the massive arms that he was born with—not to mention plenty of determination!

Here’s Jeff comparing his hands to those of another Minnesota-based arm wrestling champion, Josh Handeland. It’s clear that even among arm wrestlers, who need to be incredibly strong to compete, Jeff is in a class all on his own!

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Even though he’s fiercely competing well into his 50s, which is relatively old for any kind of athlete for any sport, Jeff can always count on the love and support of his wife, Gina, to encourage him in all of his endeavors.

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For a number of years, pictures of Jeff and his incredible arms have been passed around on the internet, as have theories about how such a thing might be possible. Still, the condition that could have caused this strange trait remains a mystery to this day.

Just in case you needed more proof of how absurdly powerful Jeff’s arms are, just wait until you see how quickly he’s able to utterly dominate his opponent in this arm wrestling match. He really makes it look easy!

Jeff is truly an incredible person who knows how to take advantage of the spectacular gifts that he was born with. Hopefully this modern-day superhero stays safe as he continues to compete!

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