Old mental hospitals were places of extraordinary cruelty. The combined lack of medical knowledge and underpaid employees meant that the patients who lived there were often badly mistreated. That mistreatment could lead to injury or even death.

Knowing that, it makes sense that old mental hospitals are considered some of the most haunted places ever. You don’t have to believe in ghosts to find walking through them deeply unsettling. If you do believe in ghosts, old mental hospitals are more than unsettling — they are terrifying.

What one woman captured while photographing an old mental hospital at night will give you chills if you do believe in ghosts. If you don’t, what she captured might make you think twice.

The Sundbury Lunatic Asylum in England has seen a lot of history within its walls. In 1864 it was founded as an industrial school for children, but by 1879 it was functioning as an asylum for the mentally ill that had transferred out of the jail system.


This photograph of asylum isn’t just eerie because it was taken at night. Many believe the photographer captured something incredibly rare: an image of a real ghost. 


Many believe that this blurry figure is the ghost of a female patient who was treated at the hospital where patients fought their many inner demons. Given the building’s history, that’s not hard to assume.3E0AE2D400000578-4289878-image-m-46_1488898360878

Many patients had dark days during their times at the asylum, as mental illness was not seen the same way then as it is now. Practices that would be unthinkable in modern times were common then.


A former nurse at the hospital shared that in her time working there a patient did, in fact, jump to her death from the roof, giving some uncanny credence to the ghostly image caught on film.3E0A94DE00000578-4289878-image-a-29_1488895973728

The old hospital is now a historical site offering tours. Their website shared the image of this ghostly apparition, but even believers were pretty skeptical.3E0AE2D400000578-4289878-image-m-48_1488898386652

A photo taken in daylight shows that the “woman” was, in fact, just an old chimney stack. You can see how the shape could easily be mistaken to be a person’s silhouette!3E0A8FD700000578-4289878-image-a-28_1488895966790

Although this ghostly image was proven to be a fake, that doesn’t mean no ghosts are haunting the old hospital. It just means that nobody has managed to catch them yet on film.

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