For people with autism, it can be difficult to explain how you experience the world. It seems like no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get on the same page with people socially, and it can make navigating everyday life very difficult.

10-year-old Benjamin Giroux always knew he was different from everyone else, but he was never able to illustrate exactly why. Then, his teacher assigned the class homework. She wanted them all to write a poem.

 Benjamin decided to use this poem to show people what living with autism is really like.


In his poem entitled “I Am,” Benjamin describes his experience with autism. His complete poem is below:


When Benjamin’s parents read the poem, they were floored. His father, Sonny, said: “We were both so proud, and yet so heartbroken, that this was how he felt.” With just a few simple words, their young son has helped create a greater understanding of autism all over the world.

Share Benjamin’s poem and let’s help raise awareness for autism.