Twins are endlessly interesting because they’re the only kinds of siblings that have shared everything since conception: the same womb, the same genes (if they’re identical), the same birthday. They’re intrinsically connected because they’ve always been together.

But what if two babies share the womb at the same time… and aren’t twins at all? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? This was the case for one Australian mom, who was able to conceive—while she was already pregnant.

At first, she had no idea. But during a routine ultrasound, Kate Hill and her husband, Peter, were taken aback to find out that they were having two completely separate babies in one pregnancy–something that has only happened about 10 times in the entire world, according to their doctor.

These newborn babies were in their mom’s womb at the same time, but they weren’t twins. See, Kate and Peter Hill of Australia were having trouble conceiving when Kate was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. She was given a hormone treatment and, to her surprise, quickly became pregnant with twins. When one twin miscarried, Kate and Peter had no idea that she would ovulate again immediately afterward.


Kate then conceived a second time. The couple had no idea she was carrying two separate babies until her second ultrasound. Their doctor was so clueless about what was going on, he had to use Google to figure it out.

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The Hill babies were only the tenth recorded case in the world of this condition, called superfetation. The weirdest part was that Kate was told she would deliver the babies as they were conceived: 10 days apart…

How lucky for these parents, who originally thought they’d never be able to conceive at all! It must’ve been scary not knowing what was going on, but thankfully Kate’s doctor was able to figure it out.

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