Having a baby is a tremendous and wonderful gift. There is truly nothing more exciting than welcoming a new life into your home. It is what makes a family a real family!

However, for all of those sweet moments, raising a baby can be really difficult. As a new mother, it can be hard to manage taking care of the brand-new addition to the family while still finding the time to take care of yourself.

In one country, parents found a way to keep new mothers happy and healthy—while making sure that the same could be said of their new babies, too! This strange method of reaching out to new moms might sound a little odd, but wait until you see how it works…

You might joke that babies are delivered by a stork, but in Finland, they come in a box! Or, at least, they sleep in one. The idea of letting your baby sleep inside a cardboard box might sound crazy, but there’s a good reason for this unusual practice.


In the 1930s, Finland was grappling with an infant mortality rate that was sky-high. At that time, 65 out of every 1,000 babies born in the then-poor Scandinavian country would not survive. So experts devised a plan to curb this tragic statistic: they would provide pregnant women with a baby box.


Pregnant women in Finland have been receiving baby boxes since 1938. The practice used to act as an incentive to encourage only women who might’ve otherwise avoided the doctor to come in for a prenatal checkup, but it was such a success that eventually it was made available to all pregnant women in Finland. So, how does it work, exactly?


First it should be noted that, even though every expecting parent in Finland is eligible to receive one of these boxes, there are specific conditions that needed to be met. In order to receive a baby box, new mothers need to schedule a doctor’s visit before their baby is four months old.


Why is everyone clamoring to get a box? Well, for starters, they contain all sorts of goodies that make raising an infant a little bit easier. For instance, the boxes are full of blankets, clothes, jackets, towels, mittens, hair brushes, teething toys, and more…


Even more, the boxes themselves double as a baby’s first crib! Each box comes equipped with a fitted mattress that is perfect for a baby to sleep in until they are about six months old. The boxes meet all the requirements that pediatricians recommend for sleeping infants, too.


This brilliant idea aims to simplify the transition for parents and also ensure that the child has everything he or she needs in order to have a happy and healthy infancy. The program has been so successful that Finland actually now has one of the lowest infant-mortality rates in the world; it’s even listed as the “Best Place To Be A Mother On Earth” by the Save the Children Foundation.


The tradition has been so overwhelming successful in Finland, in fact, that it has made the leap to the United States, where parents are finally figuring out just how great these boxes can be! This video explains more about the boxes and how they actually save lives…

This baby “starter pack” is a genius idea. It has saved countless little lives and makes sure that parents take their kids to the doctor in time as well. And to think all you get in America is a couple of weeks off before it’s right back to work!

Share this wonderful idea with your friends, and let’s make this happen!