In the blink of an eye, a life can be forever changed. The decision to act or not to act can forever alter the way one person’s path unfolds. This is something one taxi driver learned on what should have been just another ordinary work day.

The diligent cabbie was looking for his next fare when he spotted something he couldn’t wrap his mind around: a mother standing on a nearby bridge clutching her baby and staring at the water below.

Before the taxi driver could blink, the mother tossed the baby off the bridge and into the dangerous depths. What the cab driver did next stopped everyone in their tracks.

When the taxi driver spotted a mother clutching her baby by the side of a bridge, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

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Before he could ask the mother if she needed help, she flung her infant son into the river and walked away.

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The taxi driver didn’t hesitate. He jumped into the river to save the drowning baby boy, and his attempt to rescue the infant was captured on camera…

We will never know what was going through that mother’s mind when she decided to throw her own child into that river. But there’s no denying that the quick-thinking of one man averted a very real tragedy.

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