Just about any parent will tell you that the days their kids were born were the best days of their lives. Their daughter or son’s birthday is the beginning of a natural, unconditional love that makes them willing to do just about anything for their children.

Tragically, that parental instinct—along with several other human qualities—was seemingly missing from one new father named Eric Warfel. This was only brought to light when a cable technician arrived at Eric’s home in Medina, Ohio to perform some routine work on the system.

Not long after the technician walked upstairs did he discover the most horrifying sight imaginable. Hours later, Eric was in handcuffs…

When a cable technician arrived at Eric Warfel’s house in Medina, Ohio, he was simply there to do a basic check up on the system.


After he walked upstairs, however, he was met with a sight straight out of the worst nightmare imaginable.


Now, Eric is facing several charges from the police.

If that isn’t one of the most unforgivable crimes imaginable, what is? How could someone do that? It really defies all understanding.

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