Let’s face it: as cute and precocious as toddlers are, they’re a handful. Because they’re growing and changing everyday, toddlers can be mercurial and grouchy for reasons that only they can understand.

When you’re a toddler, stuff like an untied shoe or a peanut butter sandwich with the wrong sort of jelly aren’t just an annoyance, they are a tragedy of the highest order. The smallest, silliest things can set a toddler off. Luckily they are just as prone to bouts of sweetness as they are bouts of tears.

No one knew that better than Esther Anderson, a mom with a two-year-old daughter named Ellia who was always up to something. When Ellia ran up to her mother in tears, Esther braced herself for a difficult morning after already being up all night with her newborn daughter. Then, the toddler did something truly special…

They don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing! Very often, when a baby hits the age of two or so and start becoming an official toddler, they also start having miniature moods swings! One minute they are laughing, the next they are crying. There’s actually a logical explanation for this behavior… 

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Toddlers get frustrated because they cannot yet adequately express their needs and wants clearly. That’s enough to make any person feel a little bit frustrated! Plus, emotions are relatively new territory to them. They are still figuring out how to feel in any given situation. This can lead to some pretty funny tantrums…

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Esther Anderson was already awake and taking care of her newborn baby daughter when she heard her two-year-old, Ellia, crying in her bedroom. It had been a long night and Esther didn’t want her day to start out with more tears, so she called her distraught toddler into the room. What could possibly be wrong so early in the morning?

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Ellia, still in tears, came running into the room where her mother was sitting with her little sister. The young girl was inconsolable. Her mother asked her over and over again what was wrong, but Ellia couldn’t tell her what was happening.

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Ellia’s mother determined that the poor little girl had simply woken up too early and, thus, she was in a bad mood. She knew all too well how that felt! She had been up all night herself taking care of her newborn, so she understood being grumpy. Just then, Ellia came over to her sister…

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When Ellia saw her little sister cooing sweetly on her mother’s lap, she could not help herself. She leaned in to give the baby a giant squeeze as her mother reminded her to be gentle with the baby.

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Ellia’s tears vanished in a handful of seconds. Her mother was dumbfounded. What could have changed her mood so very quickly? Was it just another typical toddler outburst? Ellia looked at her mother and finally found the words for her feelings. What she said will melt your heart…

The moment when she stopped crying is so precious. What a little sweetheart!

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