Pregnancy and childbirth are joyful, miraculous occasions, and as an expecting mother gets closer to her due date, friends and family inevitably become excited. With all of the excitement in the household, sometimes the baby likes to join in on the fun.

In rare cases, it’s so apparent that you can even “meet” the baby even before he or she is born. Just take what happened to this expecting mother, for instance.

This soon-to-be mama was due any day, and what her husband caught on film when she lifted up her shirt at home was more bizarre than you could imagine…

Pregnancy and childbirth are both happy and miraculous occasions in a parent’s life. As an expecting mother gets closer to her due date by the day, friends and family inevitably become excited and often want to be a part of the process, as well.


With all of the excitement surrounding a pregnancy in the household, sometimes the baby also likes to join in on the fun. That’s when it starts to kick and really show that it’s ready to become a part of the family!


Getting to feel your baby kick, twist, and move around is one of the experiences that is completely unique to carrying a child. Not only does it allow the mother to connect on a deeper level with her soon-to-be child, but it’s a sign that the baby is developing as it should, too.


It’s important to know that your baby kicking and moving around in your stomach is just a natural part of pregnancy. Some babies are more energetic than others, which can lead to some pretty noticeable moments…


Just take what happened when this soon-to-be mother—who was due any day at that point—lifted her shirt to show her husband how big her belly had gotten. Little did either of them know how the video they recorded would end up being so strange!

Once she lifted her shirt, it was clear that the baby wanted to make its debut with the family that day, even if it wasn’t actually in person, so to speak. Just watch as the expecting parents “meet” their child for the first time…

That sure is one energetic ball of energy in there! Not every baby is as active as this one, so some mothers might not experience this kind of behavior, but it’s integral to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong if it happens.

In fact, many expecting mothers have filmed similar videos of their unborn children moving inside of the womb over the years. If anything, it serves as a sign that the baby is just very ready to come meet its family for the first time!

And can you really blame them? It wouldn’t be fair if the parents and the family were the only ones to get excited about the baby’s arrival. It is the child’s actual birthday that they’re looking forward to, after all…

So if you’re pregnant and you suddenly start to feel the baby wildly moving about, just grab your camera and film the action. There are lot of people out there who would love to see and share your experience!

Joseph B / Flickr

Wow… that’s one energetic baby! It’s not unusual see a little movement, but have you ever seen anything quite like this?

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