Poaching is a terrible problem in Africa. Over the last several decades, poachers have made several species extinct or near-extinct, devastated the food supply for predatory creatures, and heavily damage the African ecosystem.

Along with the major consequences of poaching come the horrible incidents of animal abandonment when the parents of a young creature are brutally hunted. So when a tourist named Liam Burrough witnessed an abandoned baby rhino in South Africa struggling to live, he just couldn’t keep silent anymore.

Liam Burrough found this poor, emaciated baby rhino walking down the roadside. She was desperate for help. 1-baby-rhino

She was starving, thirsty, and seemed completely disoriented. 2-baby-rhino

Liam noticed she was stumbling around without her mother, who was likely hunted by poachers.5-disorienated-rhino

Liam found the 8-week-old white rhino in the town of Kruger, a place known for poaching.rhino3

He got out of his car and approached her, quickly noticing her protruding ribs and minor wounds on her skin.4-rhino-wounds

The creature seemed docile enough, so Liam was able to get her some much-needed help.8-help-the-rhino

Liam and his traveling companions gave the rhino water while they waited for animal rescuers to arrive.

Liam was so horrified by what he saw that he went on Facebook to share the story, hoping that he could convince others to act and help end poaching.10-rhino-rant

Thanks to Liam, the little Rhino has been named Shadow and is currently living in the Care For Africa’s animal rehab center. Because she is so young, Shadow will be fully rehabilitated and sent back to live in the wild as nature intended.10-rhino-shadow

Thank goodness Liam was able to provide a happy ending for Shadow. Here’s hoping that her story will inspire more people to help end poaching!

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