A lot of folks dream of having an in-ground pool installed in the backyard, but have to give up on the idea given the price tag. For one couple in Australia, however, they got the exact opposite — they didn’t want a pool and they got one anyway!

This week when they looked out the window into the backyard of their Ipswich, Queensland home, they saw the ground practically opening up before their eyes… watch what happened!

The sinkhole has increased in size since it appeared earlier in the week.

A sinkhole that appeared in Ipswich backyard is slowly getting bigger. Owners have been moved out @tennewsqld pic.twitter.com/fUzs3nA7Bm

— Deon Davies (@deondavies) August 2, 2016

 Even more frightening? Experts can’t be sure when it will stop.

Caught on video – the #SinkHole is getting bigger @qld_times#Ipswichpic.twitter.com/2OsJpy7JEo

— Helen Spelitis (@HelenSpelitis) August 2, 2016

According to the mayor, the sinkhole was the result of a closed 1903 mine shaft, which was filled with timber. As the wood decayed, the conditions for the sinkhole were created. The couple who lives there are being relocated to a nearby hotel until experts can be more certain about the sinkhole’s growth.

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