Some people say that the bacon craze is over. They insist that all the recipes have been discovered and devoured and that we should move on to something new. Those people, respectfully, are quitters.

There is, simply, no end to bacon’s greatness. Distant civilizations will find our bacon and wonder what a great people we must have been.

Now, we’ve seen a lot of great bacon recipes in our day—from bacon French toast to bacon sushi—but we’ve never quite seen anything as bacon-tastic as this

Anyone who loves bacon is going to be obsessed with this recipe. To make this glorious bacon-vention, you’ll need to follow only a few simple steps! First, take out a regular old sauté pan and grease it with cooking spray.


You want to do this so your layer of parchment paper won’t stick to the pan. Speaking of which, the next step is just that! Line your freshly sprayed pan with a piece of cooking parchment paper. Hint: cut it into a circle so it fits in the pan.


Now here comes the fun part. Are you ready? Start laying all of your strips of bacon down across the pan; you want the strips to radiate outward from the center of the pan, as pictured below. They should all overlap a little bit at the edges, too.


Once that’s done, start cutting up some potatoes into quarter-inch-thick discs. The below image should give you a pretty good idea of the thickness. Just keep in mind that you don’t want them too small or too big.


After that, you will want to lay each of the slices flat in a circle the bottom of the pan. Try to overlap the slices exactly like you would when you make scalloped potatoes. The best way to do this is by placing them in a spiral, and working your way inward as you go along.


Since the potato slices will be covering the pieces below them, make sure you periodically pause to season each layer of potatoes with salt and pepper. This is the part that is more to your taste. There will be plenty of salt in this recipe, but a little extra never hurt!


From there, the deliciousness just keeps getting better! Next, you’ll need to add some grated cheddar cheese to the mixture. Bacon? Potatoes? Cheddar cheese? That’s right—all of the good stuff, right here in one pan.


When you’re all finished with the potato and cheddar layers, your next step involves folding the strips of bacon over the top, one by one. The resulting concoction should resemble a sort of delicious blooming onion-looking structure.


Now place a small lid or similar oven-safe object over the top of the pan to hold the ends of the bacon in place and to keep it from curling back as it cooks. After the bacon is secured, slide the entire thing onto a baking tray to catch that yummy bacon grease—it’ll make cleanup a breeze!


You’ll want to bake your creation for about two-and-a-half hours at a temperature of 350 degrees. When it’s done, carefully take it out of the oven—watch out, it’s hot!—and flip it over onto a plate. Be sure to try and do this as smoothly as possible…


Now for the big reveal! Remove the pan from the top and you’ll see the beautiful, bacon-y dish you’ve just created beneath! It’ll look like a cake. Can you believe that all of that deliciousness could be packed into one creation?


It might look like a cake, but this recipe is easy as pie—a bacon pie, that is. It’s technically a sort of casserole, and this thing is built to wreck your arteries with its amazing mixture of bacon, potatoes, and cheese. It’s fattening, but it’s worth it.


Check out the video below for the full experience! The intricacies of how to make this beautiful, bacon-filled beast are important to the end product. Trust us, you don’t want to mess this thing up…

Remember how we mentioned all of the other delicious bacon-related recipes out there? Some of the very best ones have been well-documented, but others—like bacon French toast—are more of scrumptious secret!

Oh, and for the sushi lovers out there, this one is for you! It’s called bacon sushi, and while it’s not technically sushi in the true sense, it’s still pretty gosh darn amazing. Just see for yourself below…

Wow! You might have to go change your shirt now because you just drooled all over it. Clearly, these recipes were meant to be beamed into our brains… and then into our stomachs!

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