Some people say that the bacon craze is over, that all the recipes have been discovered and devoured, and that we should move on to something new. I say those people are quitters. There is no end to bacon’s greatness. It is the truth and the life, and when the sun has gone out and the Earth it but a cold husk, it will be all that remains. Distant civilizations will find our bacon and wonder what a great people we must have been.

We’ve seen a lot of great bacon recipes in our day, from bacon French toast to bacon sushi, but we’ve never quite seen anything as bacon-tastic as this.

First, take a regular saute pan and line it with cooking spray.


This is so your layer of cooking parchment paper won’t stick to the pan.


Here comes the fun part. Lay your strips of bacon down, radiating outward from the center of the pan. They should overlap a little bit at the edges.


Once that’s done, start cutting up some potatoes into healthy sized discs.


Lay them flat and overlapping in the pan.


Periodically pause to season the potatoes with salt and pepper…


…And to add some grated cheddar cheese.


When you’re finished with the insides, fold the strips of bacon over the top.


Put a small lid or similar object over the top to hold the bacon in place and keep it from curling back. Then put the whole thing on a tray to catch that yummy bacon grease.


Cook your creation for about two and a half hours at 350 degrees. When it’s done, take it out and flip it on to a plate.


Oh. My. Goodness.


It’s a bacon pie!


Check out the video below for the full experience!

Wow! I think I’ll go change my shirt now because I just drooled all over it. Clearly, this recipe and me were meant to meet and now nothing is going to stop me from achieving bacon perfection.

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