Let’s face it, even the best housekeeper has that one jar of frosting that’s been there for who knows how long. Who out there hasn’t accidentally had a sip of milk that should have been thrown out the day before? It’s unpleasant, but it’s not deadly.

But the same can’t be said of other ticking time bombs in your kitchen. While some foods can be eaten after their “best by” dates, others are much more dangerous. You’ll be shocked to learn what dangers could be lurking in your cabinets!

1. Potatoes.


Bad potatoes can contain a toxin that’s intended to ward off pests, but can also be harmful to humans. If your potato is green, get rid of it or risk digestive problems and even issues with your nervous system.

2. Moldy Bread.


Don’t just scrape off the mold. The bacteria and toxins potentially carried by bread mold can cause everything from an upset tummy to cancer.

3. Eggs.


Always be careful with eggs and eat them fresh. Bad eggs can give you an upset stomach or even salmonella. When you crack open an egg, the white and yolk should remain nicely separated.

4. Canned Goods.


If it’s past its expiration date, don’t risk it, especially if the can is bent or swollen. Expired canned goods can carry botulism.

5. Cucumbers.


Eating a wilted cucumber is just fine. But stay away from those that appear to have “tears” on them. This is actually a chemical secreted during decomposition that will hurt your intestinal lining.

6. Dry Spices


Notice a dust cloud trailing your herbs? This could be a sign of insect activity. Next time you buy spices, try storing them in the fridge to bolster freshness.

7. Dry Goods.


Does your granola or popcorn smell… not quite right? The nose knows. Throw away suspicious smelling goods. The odor could indicate decomposition that can hurt your tummy.

I cannot remember the last time I cleaned out my spice cabinets, can you? I shudder to think what could be lurking inside those canisters. I think I’ll be ordering takeout tonight!

Share these important tips with your friends and family below, and you could save them from some serious trouble!