The way we buy and rent homes has changed a great deal over the past few decades. Where once you would have had to look at the real estate section of the local paper and set up appointments to view houses, today you can actually see pictures of all the available properties with just a few clicks of your mouse.

However, this newer, easier process doesn’t always guarantee great results. Sometimes you can tell a lot about a property just by looking at the photos shared by the real estate agent; other times, the photos are a bit, well… confusing.

Some people are definitely better than others at capturing the beauty of a home through pictures. Unfortunately, these 28 photographs fall short of the mark!

1. The artwork really ties the room together. After all, who doesn’t want to move into a house where the former resident clearly relished posing in the nude and then hanging the artistic results of this nudity up on their own bedroom wall? (The answer is no one.)


2. If you want a room that looks like a Laura Ashley catalogue exploded inside of it, this is the place for you. Clashing patterns are definitely enjoying a moment of popularity in the world of high fashion, but does it really matter which haute couture designer inspired this frantic look?


3. Have you ever wanted to check your hair without leaving your bed? Oh, right, because every person with a mirror above their bed put it there to “check out their hair.” Hey, when it comes to bedroom antics, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to work on your form… as it were.


4. “I don’t know, there’s just, like, a shadow over this place,” any interested buyer might think to themselves. The scariest part about this photo isn’t that it was taken at night; it’s that the house wasn’t even for sale at the time! Who knows who even took this picture?


5. Turn your real estate search on its head with this wacky rental! No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; everything pictured is very much upside down. Sadly, that’s not because this place was designed by Lionel Ritchie. Some real estate agent just goofed.


6. Sure, this is probably the work of a sneaky real estate agent trying to digitally remove some “blemishes” in the bathroom tile, but it’s not exactly a great look for a potential buyer. If you’re looking for a bathroom that seems to be perpetually wiping itself out of all existence, this could very well be the listing for you!


7. Waterfront views, you say? Listen: global warming is real. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all living in houses underwater. Why not beat the rush and just get on with it already? The good news is that no one will be able to scam you into buying flood insurance…


8. Three’s company, but five should be illegal. The greatest thing about this space is all the room it leaves for speculation. Who are the strangers that would huddle around this bed in their finest velvet chairs… and should you be worried about them coming back?


9. Jim never was very good at hide-and-seek, but he’s great at basic DIY projects—and he will make a great addition to whoever decides to buy this home. Jim’s wife would also like to take this opportunity to sell you the motorcycle he’s been swearing he’ll “fix up” for the past 10 years.


10. The water bill tends to be a little high, but the trade-off here is that you will never have to wait for the bathroom to be free! Does using this bathroom mean you have to have a more “modern” sensibility when it comes to privacy? Yes. Yes it does.


11. It feels like every horror movie you’ve ever seen was filmed right here. Seriously though, what kind of real estate agent takes this photo and thinks, “Oh yes, this is quite a fine and welcoming photograph of the property I am being paid to sell. Nothing creepy here at all!”


12. The price? We’re asking for an entire jar of peanut butter and we’re not going any lower. Somebody better get the homeowners on the phone, stat! It looks like Rocky has figured out how to get around the parental block settings on the laptop again.


13. If you do your best thinking on the john, this is your ideal home. That said, while this toilet is ideally placed for having a nice think and contemplating your surroundings, that’s about all you can do on it, since it isn’t connected to any plumbing.


14. How many times have you walked into a bathroom and thought to yourself, “You know, this place is fine, but man, if it had a small rug and a chair for lounging it would be just perfection!” The only correct answer to this question is never.


15. They’re watching you sleep. Sure, Thomas the Tank Engine and his army of helpful friends are classic characters who are adored by many. That still doesn’t mean that you want them staring down at you as you desperately try to get some sleep.


16. Timmy’s claim that his parents couldn’t “make” him move proved accurate. He now comes with the house. Timmy does an excellent impression of a ghost, so if you already have children, you can always toss a sheet over his head and just let him go nuts.


17. What these photos don’t show you is that this house is actually a convertible! That’s right, the roof comes right off. That makes sense. How else could you explain the stylish patio furniture taking up residence inside of the kitchen?


18. When photographing a bathroom, it is crucial to make sure that the bathroom is clean and very brightly lit. It also helps if you lock up any firearms you keep in the bathroom. Or at the very least, toss a hand towel over them…


19. “Let’s just run a scenario here: you’ve finished burying the body, you need to wash the evidence off your clothes, and maybe at that point you want a night cap? How does that sound?” You can actually picture the nervous realtor trying to sell you on this scenario.


20. The only reason to buy a house with four front doors is if you are a devoted fan of 19th century French farce. Even then, you and your friends will probably get tired of running in and out of those doors in a madcap way after about a week.


21. The previous owners aren’t moving out, they just went into the backyard and never came out. If you and your family set out into the backyard and find them before the house is out of escrow, you will probably get get another 10 percent knocked off the final asking price!


22. When one roll just isn’t enough, why not have two more? This might seem a little odd, but think about it: how many times have you had to bend over or reach up to grab the toilet paper? Frankly this just seems like smart thinking.


23. Which is more alarming: the fact that this homeowner has such massive wild game displayed on their wall, or that they have no issue dressing up a giant stuffed ape like he is a man and sitting him beneath said wild game displays?


24. This is the part where there is usually a very bad joke about whatever ridiculous nonsense is happening in the real estate photo posted below. However, since this photo was clearly taken on someone’s flip phone in 1999, there’s nothing to be done.


25. Going to the bathroom can be a pretty intense experience if you live in this house. On the flip side, at least if things go awry on the can, you can always just flick on the shower and get yourself nice and cleaned up. Efficiency!


26. When it comes to purchasing real estate, it’s important that nothing about the property you’re considering is kept a mystery. Potential homeowners want to know every nook and cranny of a property before they buy. That’s why an arrow pointing in the general direction of a property isn’t going to be very helpful.


27. Real estate agents have a lot of tools and tricks in their repertoire to try and make a property look as desirable as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of those tricks don’t work when one entire wall of a very small bathroom happens to be covered in mirrors.


28. Hmmm, does that window remind you of anything in particular? Maybe it’s a rocket ship? A hot dog? No, no, that’s not it. Keep going, you’ll figure it out eventually… and when you do, there’s no chance you’ll stop blushing, let alone make an offer.


You have to admire these real estate agents’ commitment to getting their listings sold. Maybe they could work on the approach, though…

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