Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. Ingesting calories before you get to work or school helps kick your brain into gear, keeping you energized and focused.

During the week, most people don’t eat a very fancy breakfast. For the most part, stuff like eggs and pancakes are weekend treats. Usually folks just grab some oatmeal or cereal to eat quickly before their day really begins.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start every day with an omelette that’s perfectly cooked, and you don’t even need to get any dishes dirty in the process. Get ready for the fastest, tastiest omelette hack around…

Omelettes are a delicious way to start your morning, but they can be messy and difficult to make using a frying pan. Luckily, there’s an easier way. To start, you’ll need a large sealable plastic storage bag like the one pictured below. 


Now comes the really fun part. It’s time to pack your omelette with all of the tasty ingredients you enjoy the most. Start with three eggs (or as many as you wish) then go ahead and add cheese, chives, mushrooms, tomatoes, or whatever else your heart desires.59356fa62eba358d188b46df-750-562

Seal the bag (making sure to release excess air) and place it inside a pot of boiling water. Don’t worry, the buoyancy of the water will keep the bag from melting. Let the bag sit in the boiling water for 13 minutes. If you like your omelettes well done, it can go as long as 15 minutes.

Once your omelette is done cooking, carefully remove the bag from the boiling water and roll out your cooked omelette onto a cutting board. You’ll want to be careful during this part because that water (and the omelette itself) are still going to be very hot.59357008820ad0c7498b466d-750-563

Now that the omelette is complete, you can plate it with your favorite savory garnishes and sides like hash browns or bacon and sausage! If you miss the crispness that comes with frying your omelettes, you can always toss it into a frying pan for 30 seconds on high to get a nice sear. 593569f1519a49971b8b46df-1334-1001

The greatest thing about this method of preparing an omelette is that it guarantees that the eggs will be cooked all the way through without any overcooking or mess on the stove. To watch step-by-step instructions on how to make one yourself, check out this video below!

This technique is a must-try for every home cook out there who loves to start their day off with a delicious breakfast. It makes cooking an omelette so easy!

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