We all have days when we just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, but wouldn’t it be perfect if that place was under your own roof?

Everyone dreams of having the perfect home with all of the amenities they could ever need, but few of us actually make it a reality. Committing to a massive renovation or improvement project can be costly and take a great deal of time and effort that most people just aren’t willing or able to spare!

That’s what one man was thinking a few years ago when he began his dream project, but he was determined to build something that he’d been coveting for years. When you see the results, you might just get inspired to try this project yourself.

After years of dreaming about what he’d like to do with the extra space he had in his home, this man was determined to carry out his master plan for the ultimate basement, which began to take shape right almost right off the bat. This was his basement before he started:


To begin such a massive home renovation he would have to do a lot of planning, though, and it would take serious action to make his dreams a reality. He began by removing all of the ceiling tiles, the closet front, and its shelves.


That was not all that he was going to have to remove from his basement for his dream project. In fact, another closet space was removed and expanded to make room for an A/V cabinet. He was taking every possibility into consideration.


He then started adding soffits, which help the ceiling of a structure take shape. For this particular project, this meant the soffits were going to be critical to the design and functionality of what was about to be created in the basement.


This is when he began to install the necessary elements of the new room. For his next step, he installed a vintage projector in the ceiling to give it the authentic feel he really needed. He wanted it to feel cozy but with a vintage vibe. That’s when things really began to come together…


With the projector in place, the basement movie theater of his dreams was in the works! While the project was still in the very early stages of production, photographs that he took during the process show that he was making some serious progress early on. The ceiling was really coming along better than he’d expected.


Luckily, the man had a family who could lend a helping hand whenever he needed it. No home theater would be complete without the proper screen, of course, so his son pitched in by helping him measure out the screen before it was made.


After they were finished getting the correct measurements for the screen, he turned his attention back to the ceiling. For the next step, overhead lights were installed directly int0 the ceiling, and sheet rock was placed all around.


Once the ceiling was in good shape, the lights were installed and the projector was securely fastened in its place, it was time to bring the theater to life. He hit the walls and the ceiling with a fresh coat of primer to start things off.


The primer was going to help his color stick to the walls and ensure that the paint wouldn’t show up in splotchy sections. After that, the final coat of paint was applied and all of the preparation he’d done was about to pay off big time.


To get the full movie theater experience, he knew that he had to make the sound of the best possible quality. So, on the front wall of the basement, he added a specialized insulation that would improve the acoustics.


Not skipping out on any of the details that could get lost along the way, he knew that it was important to also install a small stage directly in front of the screen. He decided it would be best to build this stage by hand. It began taking shape nicely…


Once the acoustic insulation was fully in place, he continued with the insertion 0f the sound equipment. After purchasing quality speakers from a local store, he installed three of them in place. The sound was going to be amazing.


For his next step, he was going to build a frame around the screen, so it wouldn’t move while he and his family were watching movies. So, the screen was mounted in place, and the finished product was getting closer to reality.


It was hard to believe that just a while before this photograph was taken, the room was just another average, unused basement sitting below someone’s home. Now the front of the screen was in place and completely finished.


While all of these elements were taking great shape, he noticed that there were small sections of the home theater that he needed to pay attention to. He quickly noticed that the ceiling needed some more sprucing up.


He had to devise a way to achieve this improvement. After a while of planning, he decided that he would be able to do this if he built a box to cover the section he was unhappy with, so a box was made to accomplish that goal.


Not only did he build a box to fix the hole, but it added some real character and charm to his home movie theater. He didn’t realize until it was done that it was such an important element to the overall look. Here it is in place!


Switching gears from the ceiling to the walls, he decided to add a classic theater touch to the basement. He constructed columns that were then placed accordingly along the side of the room and gave it a very vintage feel.


While the columns certainly looked great along the walls, they weren’t complete just because he’d put them in place. They were going to require some finishing touches if he wanted them to look as perfectly as he’d envisioned in his mind.


To add even more character to the columns on the wall, he decided to give them one final touch. For this step, he added trim, which really made them pop from the walls and matched the ceiling feature.


He couldn’t help but look at his project fondly. When he began, there was little more to the room than four walls and carpet. With the right attitude and desire to build something great, he’d completely transformed his basement.


To finish his perfect home theater masterpiece, he knew that there was just one more thing that he would have to add to make it absolute perfection. So, finally, acoustic panels were placed in between each column. The sound was going to be incredible.


His guests were going to be in for a real treat whenever they’d come to his house for movie night. Here’s what it looks like when friends and family are coming down the stairs. It’s even amazing how professional it looks from the back of the room!


Voila! After a year and a half of work, his dream theater was complete. Yes, it took a lot of time, hard work, and some serious dedication, but in the end, it was well worth his time. This is the perfect getaway without actually getting away!


Now, at the end of the day and on the weekends, all he has to do is go down into his basement and it will be a realistic movie-going experience, without the long lines and high prices. Anyone have any movie suggestions?


If you enjoyed the way this ordinary basement was completely transformed, you’re going to love what the same man did by building an additional space in his backyard with a very special purpose. It seemed like a difficult project to take on, but it proved to be easier than he thought at first, and well worth his time.


He started building his shed by constructing a skeleton for the structure. It took a lot of planning, but it was going to come in handy. He chose a standard size, though you could most certainly choose to make yours any dimensions that fit your space.


This was no ordinary shed, of course. He had a plan in mind, and it was going to be amazing, once everything started to take shape. But what could it be that he was constructing?


As it turns out, he was constructing a movie theater in his back yard! It just goes to show that there are so many different ways you can utilize the space in your house to achieve the ultimate entertainment zone. You have to see the finished project and how it came together in the end…


That is one heck of a home improvement project! All he needs is to install a popcorn machine and he’ll really have the authentic experience.

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