Usually when a house is designed, the lowly water closet is tucked away out of sight. Builders will focus so much on the bedrooms and the entertaining spaces, that often the bathrooms end up being dark, cramped, and with nothing but a tiny window for a view. But some architects have challenged this idea by turning the bathroom into the most exciting room in the house.

Rather than treating these essential home commodities like something that needs to be hidden, these geniuses are turning the bathroom into a place you’ll never want to leave.

1. The view from this bathroom in Australia is worth your whole vacation.

tub mirror view

2. Neerama Fort Palace’s porcelain throne comes with mountain views.

fort palace toilet view

3. This toilet in a Finnish hotel invites you to look over scenic downtown.

germany toilet view

4. This mountainside toilet in Switzerland is basic but beautiful.

outdoor toilet

5. See the ancient city of Cologne while you take care of business.

amazing-toilet-views-around-the-world-6__880urinal europe

6. A pee with a view in Hamburg.

great views in bathrooms

7. This toilet on a mountain in Laos is called the “Epiphany Toilet” for a reason.

toilet views

8. View one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges from the Renaissance hotel.


9. We don’t know which view is better!


10. Feel like you’re in space? You’re actually in a bathroom in Poland.


11. The Moon nightclub in Vegas takes pissing stuff away to a whole new level.


12. Check out this tremendous 360-degree view from the Sapporo Tower in Japan.


13. This Swedish bathroom gives the sitter a nice slice of village life.


14. In Peru nothing stands between you and the view… literally.


15. You won’t miss a minute of the game at this Melbourne, Australia cricket stadium toilet!


16. You’re above it all in Frankfurt, Germany.


17. From “blah” to “brilliant” in Norway.


18. On the Bugaboos mountain toilet, you can watch the mountain while the mountain (and everyone else) watches you.


19. This one in Western Australia feels like you’re on the top of the world.


20. This bathroom in Seoul, Korea redefines luxury with its exquisite vistas.


21. In Casablanca, the view from the toilet is so nice, they’ve added a couch.


22. A view from a student bathroom at UC Santa Barbara. No wonder tuition’s so high!


23. This bathroom in Laos is practically heavenly.


24. At this safari lodge in South Africa, you can spot animals from literally ANYWHERE.


25. Here’s the bathroom on the 68th floor in the Shard building in London.


26. The “Mount Whitney Throne,”  atop the the John Muir trail in California, is a throne in more ways than one!


27. These urinals in China invite you to pee in peace.


28. Bathe in the beauty of this Utah-based bathroom.


29. The bathroom view is everything at one Iceland school.


Wow, some of these are really tremendous. You might have plan a trip around the world just to use the bathrooms!

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