After a long, grueling day at work, most of us just want to take the edge off—and that’s when the wine starts pouring! After all, a nice glass of vino at the end of the day can really be just what the doctor ordered.

Can it be proven, though? That’s what photographer Marcos Alberti set out to do when he launched the “3 Glasses” project. He invited willing participants into his studio after their workdays, and he snapped a series of photos after each glass of wine.

What started as a joke between friends turned into something that would soon go viral, and the results will make you smile…

Photographer Marcos Alberti was just drinking and joking around with some of his closest friends recently when he came up with the terrific idea for the “3 Glasses” project. It would be the perfect way to document something he’d been considering for a while…

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Deciding to use his own friends as the subjects in his photo series, Marcos decided to snap portraits of them immediately after they finished their workday and again after one, two, and three glasses of wine. Sounds like a lot of fun, huh?

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Almost as soon as Marcos began taking photographs of his friends, the series began to go viral and it spread around the internet like wildfire. It was thanks in part to an Imgur user named Minabear, who soon shared them online.

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During its first week alone, the project garnered more than 1,800 comments and a million views. That’s incredibly impressive, especially since it was just a simple idea that Marco had while he was having fun with his buddies.

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Since the series of photographs was first posted online, Marcos has expanded the project to include subjects beyond his friend group. It now offers a look into strangers’ lives that most people wouldn’t experience otherwise.

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“The first picture was taken right away when our guests [had] just arrived at the studio in order to capture the stress and the fatigue after a full day after working all day long and from also facing rush hour traffic to get here,” Marcos wrote on his website.

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“Only then [could] fun time and my project begin.” Marcos wanted his photos to be as authentic as possible. For that reason, it would be important for him to capture people at their worst moments: when they’re exhausted and maybe not in the greatest mood.

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“At the end of every glass of wine, a snapshot, nothing fancy, a face and a wall, three times.” Marcos’ photo series wasn’t about taking the most elaborate pictures, but capturing raw emotion as it exists naturally.

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It’s clear when you look through the series of photographs that there’s a noticeable change after just one glass. It’s also clear how quickly people open up and are able to feel more comfortable in front of a camera after they’ve had time to relax.

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By the second glass, many people start to get a bit silly. Just take this woman, for example. In her first photograph, she appears a little serious. Then, she becomes noticeably goofy, and by the third picture, she’s seemingly euphoric!

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By the third glass, it’s like they’re different people entirely! This particular man seems to keep a rather stoic nature through the series of photographs, but by the time he’s all finished, it’s clear that he’s ready to say “Cheese!” (He’s even got the perfect prop!)

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The difference between the first and last photos are remarkable. That’s why it’s so interesting to look at these photographs in order. At first, you might sense apprehension or a sort of stage fright, but the last photograph is always so uninhibited.

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The most noticeable change takes place when you’re looking at the subjects’ eyes. In some cases, they’re so comfortable that they begin to laugh hysterically and don’t even make eye contact with the camera.

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It takes some people a longer time to get into a good mood than others, but one thing’s for sure: every single person begins to open up after they’ve had a couple glasses of wine. Perhaps it comes down to their alcohol tolerance!

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Not one of the subjects could resist from smiling after enough wine—even if they attempted to remain as serious as possible. Here, this man lets go of all of his inhibitions following the first glass of wine. From that point forward, he is clearly ready to let loose!

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It turns out that Marcos’ plan was a total success. It proves that wine really makes people relax and let their happy, goofy selves break free. And, if nothing else, it has an amazing way of allowing them to open up to friends and even strangers.

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Look at how much bigger this woman’s smile gets after she’s enjoyed just one simple glass of wine. By the end of her series of photographs, it’s as if she’s having the best time of her life. There’s no denying the happiness behind that grin!

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Obviously, it’s not a very good idea for people to drink to excess, especially if it’s their only way to let go of their inhibitions and enjoy the world around them. That’s really not what this photo series is about, though.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sipping a little vino to lift your spirits every now and then! Even for those people who don’t drink alcohol, it’s pretty incredible to see just how suddenly people’s moods change when they partake in a group project that allows them to wind down after a long day.

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It’s incredible how this talented photographer was able to pull off such a simple concept. Whether you’re still at work or relaxing at home with a nice glass of wine of your own to enjoy, these pictures are sure to make you smile!

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