Paranormal phenomena, for a lot of people, are difficult to believe in. Most of us simply don’t want to think that entities such as ghosts or otherworldly beings actually exist among the living—they’re too spooky!

Sometimes, though, the evidence behind strange occurrences is too strong to completely deny. In Belmez, Spain, for instance, one woman had a very startling experience with the unknown several decades ago that might just prove the existence of the supernatural.

In August of 1971, Belmez resident Maria Gomez Pereira noticed a stain forming on her kitchen floor, but she didn’t think too much of it. In the weeks that followed, however, the stain became the center of one of the most famous paranormal cases ever documented: the “Belmez Faces.” You have to see it to believe it.

People tend to believe a lot of things that they’re told, but when it comes to paranormal occurrences, it can be hard to convince others that there is truth behind them. This is especially true if these people haven’t experienced the happenings themselves.

temporalata / Flickr