An elephant never forgets, as they say, and it can give credit for its impeccable memory to its powerful brain. Unfortunately, the memories some elephants have aren’t always pleasant ones.

Case in point: this 30-year-old pachyderm named Ben, who was recently the victim of a poacher attack. Luckily, his memory helped him figure out just what to do!

After being attacked by poachers, a 30-year-old elephant named Ben miraculously knew where to go.

01-elephant-shotBumi Hills Foundation

He limped over to Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Kariba, Zimbabwe. Though the lodge’s vet was gone for the weekend, another vet was able to fly in so Ben could be cared for. Over the next six hours, Ben barely moved from outside the balcony.

Once Ben was properly tranquilized, the veterinary team treated the bullet holes in his ears and shoulder and placed a tracking collar around his neck so they could monitor his recovery.

02-elephant-shotBumi Hills Foundation

“The wound itself is still weeping, but the swelling has subsided and it seems to be healing well,” Bumi Hills Foundation stated on Facebook.

03-elephant-shotBumi Hills Foundation

“You want to ask yourself, ‘Did this elephant walk all the way here with this damaged leg by coincidence, or was it that he came looking for assistance?’ We’ll never be certain, but there’s a lot more to elephants than we know,” said Nick Milne, manager of Bumi Hills Foundation.

04-elephant-shotBumi Hills Foundation

Ben needed a follow-up procedure, but his limp had improved and he was expected to make a full recovery—all because he knew exactly where he could find help!

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