So much of what we do in our daily lives can quickly start to feel like second nature. From waking up right before our alarm clocks to the way we tie our shoes, we’re all creatures of habit.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Just because we’ve been doing things the same way throughout our lives doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. In fact, you’ll find that even the way we eat basic foods, like burgers and ice cream, could be improved!

When you discover how, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it this way your whole life!

1. Prevent your taco fillings from falling out and making a mess when your hard taco shell breaks by folding the entire thing in a lettuce leaf. Plus, this is a great excuse to eat some extra veggies during Taco Tuesdays!

2. Sick of your burgers constantly falling apart every time you bite into them? Here’s a radical idea: try eating them upside-down! This avoids a messy burger (since the top bun is usually thicker and more absorbent), and you’ll look like a real rebel while you’re at it!

Annie Wu / Twitter

3. Whether you prefer to eat toast with jelly, butter, or avocados, you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you eat it upside down, too. Pro tip: you’ll also get so much more flavor directly onto your tastebuds that way!

Acabashi / Wikimedia Commons

4. Did you know that your Chinese takeout containers can turn into plates when you unfold them? It’s true, as long as you remember to remove the thin metal handles first. Try this neat hack the next time you plan a lazy night in with some Netflix and lo mein.

NJ_Nmaster / Twitter

5. We all agree that soft, gooey cookies are undeniably better than hard, crumbly ones. Luckily, you can keep them that way by storing them in a plastic bag along with an ordinary slice of bread. Go ahead and try it!

J_Rod03 / Twitter

6. If you need to reheat a leftover slice of pizza, don’t bother putting it in the microwave or the oven. Instead, use a frying pan or a skillet! This perfectly melts your toppings while keeping the crust nice and crispy.

Mr. Evan Phoenix / Twitter

7. Use a wet paper towel to cover a dish full of rice when you’re reheating it in the microwave. Nobody likes it when their leftover rice gets too hard, so this helps ensure that every grain remains soft and flavorful.

8. If you pour your olive oil into an empty Sriracha bottle, your cooking will have an extra kick of flavor! Also, you’ll be able to control the portions of your cooking oil much better than you could with most other bottles.

9. You can prevent ice cream from becoming hard and difficult to scoop by placing the container in a large plastic bag in the freezer. To think that somehow we’ve managed to make that ice cream snack even more perfect than it already is?

10. You can neatly and quickly slice whole mushrooms with an egg slicer. Doing so any other way can be difficult, but not this way! So if you have an egg slicer, it turns out to have been a good investment.

tkf555 / Instagram

11. The natural oils in your peanut butter probably settle on the top when the jar is sitting on the shelf. Assuming your peanut butter is organic, your best bet is to keep it upside down. That way it’s easier to spread.

12. You know how fizzy soda bubbles tend to make your straw move up out of the can? No more! You can use soda tabs to hold your straws in place. So the next time you’re about to drink some soda out of a can, be careful not to break off the tab!

sir valerie / Twitter

13. Instead of repeatedly smacking the bottom of a glass bottle of Heinz ketchup, try tapping on the number “57” instead. This is the sweet spot—it works faster and allows for the ketchup to pour out more steadily.

Keviniho79 / Twitter

14. Try pouring your orange juice from the opposite direction. This allows the juice to flow out in a steadier stream. This gif demonstrates just what a huge difference this technique can make.

elee0228 / Reddit

15. Pistachios are delicious and healthy, but every once in a while you get one in a shell that is utterly sealed shut. Luckily, you can use the shell of a previous pistachio to open those stubborn ones.

Jake Albaugh / Twitter

16. If you cut slices of circular deli meats or cheeses into semicircles, you’ll have a much easier time making your sandwiches. Just follow this handy guide, and you’ll have the perfect lunch in your hands in no time!

LauraJesson / Reddit

17. It’s always annoying when you pour yourself a nice cup of hot coffee just for it to become lukewarm moments later. To keep your hot drinks warmer for longer, fill your mug with boiling water in order to heat up the mug. Then empty your mug before pouring in the actual drink.

MazzButt / Twitter

18. About 15 minutes before you eat an orange, put it in the freezer. If you time it correctly, not only will the fruit become easier to peel, but the white stuff called the pith will stick to the peel rather than the fleshy part of the fruit.

Yari Aquino / Twitter

19. It’s always frustrating when a piece of an egg shell falls into your bowl of eggs. What are you supposed to do, fish it out with your hands? Nope! Just use a bigger, sturdier piece of a shell to scoop it out.

RealDuncanHines / Twitter

20. Pinching and peeling from the “bottom” of an ordinary banana is easier than doing so from “the top” (it’s all just a matter of perspective anyway). Additionally, it gives you a nice handle as you’re eating the fruit!

KingOfShaves / Twitter

21. You don’t want to ruin a nice piece of fish by having part of it stick to the grill. You can prevent that from happening by cooking it on a bed of lemon slices. As an added bonus, this gives your fish some extra flavor!

Blogosum / Twitter

22. Instead of cutting your watermelon into triangular slices, try making long pieces in the middle of the melon. It may seem radical, but you’ll be glad you did it once you’re able to eat the fruit without getting juice all over your face!

ApnaBazar Bensalem / Twitter

23. Alternatively, you can also scoop out the edible bits of a watermelon using an ordinary ice cream scoop. Some people might not find it as fun as eating watermelon with their hands, but eating it like ice cream is cool, too!

lnguyen_april / Instagram

24. Whether you’re making lemonade or using it in a recipe, maximize the amount of juice you’re able to get out of the fruit by using a pair of tongs to squeeze out as much as possible. This method works just as well for limes, too!

MetroAppliances / Twitter

25. It can be extremely difficult to peel real ginger without losing large chunks of it in the process. Using a teaspoon, however, makes it much easier. Plus, you’d be a fool to throw out those pieces when you can use them for tea!

Anjula Devi / Twitter

26. It can be awfully frustrating when an apple starts browning just moments after you cut or bite into it. That’s why, before you serve or eat it, you should slice it, assemble it back together, and hold it all in place with a rubber band.

gettinmyhealthon / Instagram

There’s no question that these food techniques can make life easier, tastier, and just altogether better. These tips are too good to keep to yourself!

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