They say that every person has a soulmate somewhere in the world. A person that you not only love unconditionally, but who is also your best friend.

While relationships can be tough at times, some people have a way of making it look effortless to those around them.

Whether that means getting matching tattoos, dressing exactly alike, or even playing video games with one another, there’s no limit to the ways best buds express their feelings. Just look at these 19 couples who went out of their way to prove that they married their best friends!

1. Some people advise couples to never get tattoos together that will be on their skin permanently. Should they break up, it would be a real embarrassment. Clearly, this couple isn’t worried about that happening though.


2. When it comes to finding your soulmate, it goes without saying that you should have similar interests. This couple,though, proves that it’s possible for both parties to love video games. They’re definitely having a lot of fun together.


3. It’s undeniable to those around this couple just how much they love each other. Relationship experts will tell you that over time, you will practically become your significant other by taking on their mannerisms and looks. Judging by this pair, that’s likely a true sentiment.


4. If they’re being honest, most people would tell you that they want to spend the rest of their lives married to someone who can cook a good meal. This couple proves that you don’t have to be talented in the kitchen, just willing to bake a frozen pizza.


5. Somewhere deep down, everyone loves the movies from their childhood well into their adult years. Finding someone who allows you to not only watch them, but watches them with you is important. Just look at this couple making it look easy.


6. Any relationship expert would tell you that having a sense of humor and laughing with your partner is an integral part of making a marriage work. This couple’s hilarious shirts lets you know that they know a thing or two about that.


7. When you spend your life with someone, you start to feel like you’ve learned everything there is to know about them. That means knowing exactly what they want to eat on any given day. This couple’s text message is a clear indicator that they’ve got it down pat.


8. When you decide to marry your best friend, you accept all of the quirks that the person brings to the relationship. Even if that means having ridiculous calendars like this lining the walls of the home that you share together.


9. Every now and then, it’s important to let your spouse know that you accept your role in the relationship. This guy clearly wants his wife to know that he’s thankful they will be having a baby, but that he takes full responsibility for his actions…


10. They say that you should never marry your significant other just because of money. That’s a surefire way to have an unhappy marriage. This woman clearly doesn’t mind that her husband couldn’t afford an actual coach bag, but a much funnier knock-off.


11. It goes without saying that being handy is an important aspect of a lasting long-term relationship. This husband clearly wanted to prove his worth by handling some of the cooking duties with his power tools in hand.


12. Many people dream of meeting their significant other early on, though, it’s rarer than you might think. This couple, however, has been together since middle school and they’re clearly having a fantastic time together.


13. When a couple decides to get married, it’s important that they know they are going to be tied to that person for the rest of their lives. These newlyweds clearly took the whole “tying the knot” aspect of their marriage to heart.


14. You should never underestimate the importance of having fun with your significant other. This couple seems to know all about that. Just look at them playing hide and seek for a full 45 minutes. Now that’s true love.


15. Announcing your upcoming marriage can be done in the cheesiest of ways — with themed engagement photos. This couple, though, clearly wanted to make things more interesting and went for an action movie theme. Talk about burning love!


16. They say that great minds think alike and the gifts that this couple got each other for their second anniversary proves that they married the exact right person. They must be operating on the exact same wavelength.


17. Any relationship expert would tell you that marrying a person who only wants material objects is never a good idea. The simplicity of this husband’s gift of an empty box for his wife, and her subsequent glee should tell you that they’re in it for the right reasons.


18. If you’re happy about your marriage, the best way to show people that is to wear your wedding ring at all times. This person took that duty one step further and attached their ring to their favorite coffee cup. Talk about the perks of marriage!ring-cup-1

19. While it’s not advised to marry someone who is always looking for material objects, that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to be treated to those items every now and then. This Christmas coupon from a husband to his wife is a pretty great example of doing just that.


Well, those couples clearly know the secret to making love last. Some of these are genius!

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