When one decides to become a teacher, they are doing more than choosing a career. They are making a conscious decision to play an important role in the lives of young people during their formative years.

It’s hard work, but the best teachers do it because they genuinely love it. For them, the long nights of grading and lesson planning are worth it, if only to see their students continue to succeed.

That’s just part of the reason why the following 16 teachers are so remarkable. They decided to go above and beyond by being amazingly kind or clever—or both!

1. When one of his students needed to take her son to her class after being unable to find a babysitter, this kindhearted teacher was very understanding. But when the baby started crying, the professor picked him up and comforted him, too!


2. High school and college students are known for asking their teachers and professors, “Will this be on the exam?” Ideally, though, a good student should be paying close attention to just about everything that their educators have to say! This teacher made sure there wasn’t any doubt.


3. The most noticeable element about this photo is definitely how impressively limber the teacher is as she leans over the desk. Still, look at that student! She seems either bored or frustrated, but she really should be more impressed than anything!


4. This history teacher really seems to love getting into character. Wouldn’t it be great if every professor did that? English teachers could dress as Shakespeare, music teachers could go as Mozart, and chemistry teachers could be molecules.


5. This is so clever! Though as much as it may be a fun way to ease the tension, those students who are legitimately concerned about surviving their exams may get even more nervous from looking at something like this.


6. Given the scientific terms that this science teacher is providing, it does seem as if she is, technically, correct. Okay, obviously she’s joking, but surely the students get the idea… and appreciate their funny and clever educator!


7. This teacher actually spends time drawing a stunning work of art on the chalkboard each day as a way to keep his students feeling inspired. That takes dedication—and a lot of talent—right there!


8. This mathematics professor needed to draw a proper triangle, so he decided to get creative with a chair. Hey, sometimes when resources are low, that’s what you have to do. That’s a lesson that every student should learn!


9. This teacher promised to dress up as Scooby-Doo and bring non-alcoholic Champagne to class if they got good grades on their tests. That must have been just the motivation that these students needed!


10. Instead of scolding this student, or even simply waking him up, this teacher decided to have a little bit of fun. As you can see from the smiling students in the background, posing for this picture definitely lifted everybody’s spirits!


11. This teacher must have made her lecture infinitely more interesting when she picked up a stray kitten that she found roaming around outside the school. Furry friends like these just make everything better, don’t they?


12. Rather than change his lesson plans after Pluto was deemed to no longer be a proper planet, this astronomy professor decided to cleverly (if a bit haphazardly) commemorate the demotion of this “dwarf planet.”


13. Take a closer look at this mathematics teacher’s goatee: can you guess what day it was when this picture was taken? That’s right: it was March 14, otherwise known as 3/14, otherwise known as Pi Day, which celebrates the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (3.14159). How festive!


14. There may be a big difference between science and magic, but this physics teacher doesn’t seem to let that bother him as he wears a wizard’s hat while conducting some sort of experiment! That certainly would make class magical.


15. This teacher was kind and creative enough to let her students show off their artistic talents as they drew on her dress for the last day of school. What a wonderful and fun way to commemorate the end of the school year!


16. Finally, there’s no fooling this teacher when it comes to texting in class. For many generations, students have tried to outsmart their teachers, but as much as technology may change, teachers will always find a way to keep up!


It’s going to be hard to forget any of these teachers long after their students graduate. Let’s hear it for all of the wonderful professors everywhere!

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