The thought of any animal in captivity is a terrible one. And if those animals are also being tortured, the need to free them is even more dire.

One brown bear kept for years in a “torture vest” at a Chinese bile farm faced a bleak existence. Thankfully, rescuers came to her aid, but not before they witnessed living conditions that were a shocking reminder of how terrible Asia’s bile industry is for animals.

For years, a brown bear named Caesar suffered a miserable existence on a bile farm in China. Trapped in a vest meant to constantly extract fluid from her gallbladder, this bear was in pain every moment of her life. 

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Bile is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, and the vest strapped to the bear consisted of a metal cage worn around her abdomen, a crude latex catheter to siphon the bile out of her body, and a box to collect the bile.  

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Thankfully, Caesar was saved by an organization known as Animals Asia. A representative from the organization said that Caesar’s situation was the worst imaginable form of bile farm torture.

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Caesar’s story isn’t a common tale; most bile farm bears don’t escape the torture they find there. If she hadn’t been rescued, Caesar would have had to spend the remainder of her days with that torturous device strapped to her chest.

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Now that she’s been rescued, Caesar looks like an entirely different bear. She’s healthy, happy, her coat is shiny, and her attitude is entirely changed. 

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Her physical scars have finally diminished to the point that Caesar no longer looks like an animal who suffered in captivity.

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These days, Caesar enjoys swimming in the sunshine and lounging around the grounds at Animals Asia’s compound.

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Seeing this once beaten-down animal playing in her natural habitat is a beautiful sight to behold.

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Caesar’s story is a happy one, but it’s also a staunch reminder of how many other animals are suffering because of Asia’s bile industry. There are an estimated 10,000 bears living in captivity in China alone.

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The type of vest that Caesar was forced to wear while she was being held captive has since been outlawed, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t animals still wearing them. It’s likely that the vests are still being used for their original purpose.

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 Luckily, Caesar’s time spent suffering is only a memory to her now, and she’s able to roam the grounds without a care in the world.

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To help ensure the safety of other bears just like Caesar, you can make a donation to Animals Asia.

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