In 1954, Billie and Jimmy Breland tied the knot. Over the next 60 years, they lived happily together in their Mississippi home, becoming parents and even grandparents.

Yet their relationship was extra-special for one detail. You see, Billie became quite the prolific note writer, and would often hide notes all over the house for her husband… but one in particular has been touching the hearts of people all over the world.

In a note left for her husband, Jimmy, Billie Breland penned something that left her entire family speechless. Though she was dying, she had taken the time to leave her beloved hubby something unbelievably heartfelt.


The couple had been together and in love for 60 long years. She was a school teacher and he was a Baptist student minister at the local university. Sadly, around the holidays in 2015, Billie’s health took a turn and she passed away at the age of 83.


Two days later, Jimmy discovered a note Billie had tucked into her checkbook. When he read it, he couldn’t help but smile.


The note read:


“Please don’t cry because I died! Smile because I lived! Know that I’m in a happy place! Know that we will meet again! I will see you there!”


What a beautiful sentiment! Though it’s upsetting that Jimmy lost his wife and best friend, we’re sure this letter is cherished. Everyone should follow Billie’s example and show their loved ones how much they care—even if it’s just a few lines in a sweet letter!

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