When a beloved pet passes away, it’s almost like losing a loved one. As with human family members, we search for a special way to honor our deceased pets’ lives after they’ve gone.

That’s why many families prefer to keep their pets’ ashes in an urn; it’s similar to what they might want to do for their human loved ones. Yet that might just be the first step…

When this family lost their dog, Maka, they held on to her ashes for over a decade, waiting for the right way to honor her. Then they heard about a strange new service…

It goes without saying that, for many of us, pets are very much members of the family. And when the time comes for them to cross the rainbow bridge, we feel the need to memorialize our furry friends in a special way. For some, this means creating a grave for them, as they would for a human family member. For others, it means keeping their cremated pooch or kitty’s ashes in an urn.

Jenniferva / Pixabay

One company called BioUrn takes the urn concept to a different level. It may seem like a strange notion at first, but for some, simply burying or cremating a beloved pet is not enough. Rather, finding a way to “bring them back to life”—albeit in a different form—may be a more fitting way to honor them.

Leifern / Wikimedia Commons

That’s the idea behind BioUrn’s product. It allows families, like Maka’s, to keep their pets’ ashes in a specially designed urn, which they then bury. Some time later, with enough care, the urn will become something beautiful…

That is, it will grow into a great big tree! In fact, Maka’s family saw sprouts in a matter of weeks. Customers can choose between a wide variety of trees on the company’s website in order to customize their urn, including evergreens like white pine and even flowering shrubs like Texas hibiscus.

Of course, not every tree is a viable option for every territory, so families should choose wisely. Most should be compatible with North American climates, but if you’re in Florida, for instance, you might not want to try to grow a Norway spruce.

Greg Hume / Wikimedia Commons

The BioUrn kit can arrive as soon as three days after you make your initial purchase. That’s definitely a good thing, because when you’re mourning the loss of a pet, you don’t want to wait to take the next steps.

Inside the BioUrn kit, you’ll find everything you need in order to prepare a truly unique memorial to your lost pet, including special soil, a marker, the urn itself, and a bag for the ashes. Don’t forget that it’s all designed to be environmentally friendly!

Next, you’ll want to choose the location where you’ll bury the urn and, eventually, grow your memorial tree. The soil should be of high quality, and the spot you choose must have access to plenty of sunlight.

BiosUrn / Facebook

Once you’ve located the perfect place for the urn, it actually shouldn’t take too much work to properly bury the object. The hole should be no deeper than the BioUrn itself, and it should be about five or six inches wider so it has room to expand once the tree grows.

If you follow all of these instructions properly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to grow a massive, gorgeous tree that survives, thrives, and grows for many years and decades to come—all in honor of your furry friend!

Now, every time they look at the tree, they can remember all the joy Maka brought their family for so many years. What a special, meaningful way to honor her wonderful memory.

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