Google Earth has always been a useful resource, and not just for seeing your home from space. You can witness the many wonders of the world and visit places you wouldn’t otherwise see in person, all from your desk.

Since its inception, Google Earth has helped to further connect our world. Choosing any coordinates in your imagination and being able to see a real image of that exact place on the planet is an incredible reminder of technology’s power.

But the site doesn’t just provide an innocent aerial view of things. When you see what people recently discovered on Google Earth, you’ll realize there are some things on our planet that maybe weren’t meant to be seen…

1. This is known to most people as Area 6, a secret American air base in the Yucca flat of the Nevada desert that tests counter-terrorism materials… and who knows what else. No matter what, you have to admit it looks incredibly eerie from above.

1-google-earth-imagesYouTube: GeoBeats News

2. A “UFO Investigator” used Google Earth to find what looks like the missing Flight MH370. He claims that it’s a Boeing found somewhere between Mozambique and Madagascar. If this were true, it could bring closure to a still open case.

3. Google Earth has given rise to self-proclaimed “amateur geo-archaeologists” who find images like this one caught in Northern Kazakhstan. This is just one of many massive geoglyphs found in the region that were supposedly built by ancient civilizations.


Over 50 other geoglyphs have been found around the world on Google Earth.

4. This Bronze Age shepherd’s hut was discovered by a Welsh amateur archaeologist several years ago. It is highlighted with red below. It is located in Blaenau Gwent, an area that is roughly 4,500 years old. That’s a long existence!

5. Seventy-two-year-old David Lee Niles was reported as missing in 2006. In 2011, his family, despite never having found his body, held a funeral for their lost loved one. Eventually, Google Earth users found this car trapped in a pond near his home. When they went to search it, David’s skeletal remains were found inside.


6. Marcelo Irazusta and his son, James, enjoyed using Google Mars and Google Moon, and discovered that the number 58 appears to be etched onto the surface of both! Could this be a sign of extraterrestrial intelligence? And if so, what would it mean?

7. Gemma Sheridan of the U.K. was thought to have been rescued after having her S.O.S found on Google Earth. As it turns out, her S.O.S image was actually from a 2010 Amnesty International report on violence in Kyrgyzstan.

8. These geoglyphs were discovered in the Azraq oasis in Jordan a few years back using Google Earth. Amazingly, they correspond with the sunrise during the winter solstice. Not to mention, they’re at least 8,500 years old!


9. New Zealand librarian Shaun Higgins was thought to have solved a century-old mystery for cartographers when he discovered Sandy Island, which had been missing from maps of tectonic plates and navigational charts since 1908.

Higgins’s discovery has since been proven to be a hoax, creating even more controversy surrounding the island.

10. If you plug the coordinates 33.396157° N, 44.486926° E into the Google Earth map, you’ll find what appears to be a blood-red lake by Iraq’s Sadr City. So far, nobody has been able to come up with an official explanation for it.


11. These patterns found in the Gobi Desert in China are believed to be part of a secret military base. You have to admit that they’re pretty intriguing. If it’s not actually a military base, then could it potentially be proof of aliens?


12. This 1,200-foot pentacle was found in a remote part of Kazakhstan on the central Asian steppes. Who put it there, and why, you ask? It might not be unreasonable to suggest that there was a Satanic cult who has taken up shelter there.


13. The U.K. Ministry of Defense tried claiming that this image, found in Norwich, England, is of a motorcycle range. But, for obvious reasons, not everyone is convinced of what they’ve been told. It does look rather mysterious.

14. This figure, known as the “Badlands Guardian,” was actually formed naturally in Alberta, Canada, thanks to erosion. It’s strange how you can clearly make out the figure of a person in the natural terrain. How did it get there?


15. When you first look at this image, you’re going to believe that you’re either looking at a plane or a space shuttle. Google Earth actually captured this cruise missile in action after it was fired during a military training exercise.


16. You can find these crop circles in the town of Standdaarbuiten in the Netherlands by entering the coordinates GPS 51.635493, 4.549711. Nobody knows what it means or how it originated, but it definitely shakes people to their core.


17. These crop circles were discovered in an unknown part of the Nevada Desert. It appears that whoever created them was attempting to either form the Star of David or possibly to recreate what they believe the sun looks like.


18. The fact that Kentucky Fried Chicken is advertising on Google Earth is a bit terrifying when you think about it for a second. It makes you wonder how much they had to pay to get such a great advertising space. That’s  just creepy.


19. Yes, your brain is telling you the truth, that actually is a maze in the form of famous television host Oprah Winfrey’s face! It’s made out of over 70,000 used Coca-Cola bottles in Chile. Why Oprah? Well, why not, really?


20. Stalin himself was behind the construction of the Mirny Mine, and it’s a genuinely terrifying sight to see. It’s an open diamond mine surrounded by restricted airspace. It even sucks in helicopters with its powerful air flow!


21. These ancient ruins may be proof that, contrary to popular belief, there was once civilization in Antarctica. To think that humans could ever have survived on Antarctica in the past is fascinating in and of itself. No other explanation has been offered.

22. The Avebury Crop Circle is rumored by many people in the area to be haunted. While it has been investigated for paranormal activity, no one has ever been able to determine its haunting origins with absolute certainty.


23. Take a close look at this Google Earth photograph. It clearly appears as if a man is standing outside of this “ghost village” in South Gloucestershire. What would he be doing there? It looks like he’s haunting the place while he’s in town!


24. “A murder near my house on Google Maps” is the caption that a Reddit user left when he posted this image to a message board. Could it really be proof of a crime scene?


It really does look like a trail of blood leading to the water, but it was later revealed to be the trail of water left by a wet dog. Big difference.

25. Inner Mongolia’s Xiangshawan Desert is basically a wasteland of sand dunes… except for the Desert Lotus Hotel, which has inexplicably become a popular tourist destination. It does kind of look like a planet that George Lucas would create.

26. Many have suggested over the years that this image, which happens to be over Hungary, looks like a crop circle-style Jesus. Plenty of people claim to see Jesus in some questionable and mysterious places, but this one is too big to ignore.


27. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to make this Navy Base in California look less like a swastika. From the looks of this Google Earth photograph, though, they’re going to have to spend a lot more money than that to get the job done.

It’s strange to see these bizarre sights hiding all around the world. This begs the question: what else is out there?

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