When you buy fruit from the grocery store, you’d like to think that what you’re getting is clean, fresh, and nutritious. Heck, you can even add “organic” to that list if you’re feeling fancy. The worst thing that you can expect is a moldy berry or a brown banana.

And while most grocers perform quality checks on their produce, occasionally something will slip through the cracks. For one Michigan woman, grapes that she bought at Walmart featured a hidden—and not-so-welcome—surprise, which she didn’t notice until she was already washing them.

Unfortunately, that surprise could have easily killed her.

Ariel Jackson, 25, of Troy, Michigan was preparing to wash some grapes she had just purchased at Walmart when she spotted something inside the container that stopped her in her tracks: a deadly black widow spider.

spider2WXYZ-TV Detroit / YouTube

Not knowing what to do, Ariel immediately called 911. In an interview with WXYZ-TV Detroit, she said that the dispatcher suggested she “just kill it,” to which Ariel replied, “Me? You want me to kill it?” Needless to say, this was not her preferred plan of action. See what she did instead…

How gross! No one wants to open up their fruit and find a spider—let alone a dangerous one like a black widow. Ariel said that she would be taking a break from grapes, which is understandable.

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