Let’s face it: most of us miss a lot of the details in life. We’re so busy with our day-to-day tasks, that we overlook the most important things that are standing right in front of us.

Thousands of people on Facebook have tried to tackle this brain buster, but only few of them have been able to identify the tell-tale mistake. I didn’t even know where to start looking!

Look at this photo carefully. There is something seriously wrong with this picture of an otherwise pleasant day on a boat. Can you tell what it is?


Still stumped? Let’s take a closer look. The answer is right here:


That object attached to the front of the boat is actually the trailer! It’s meant to be attached to cars for boat owners to transport their boat on land, like this:

5-boat-brain-busterPublic Domain Pictures

This boat owner’s mind must have been elsewhere, but I suppose that mine was too as I tried to figure out what was wrong with the picture. We all make innocent mistakes, but I hope that this boat’s owner learned his lesson!

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