Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency at the end of the 2016 election. Afterward, President Obama welcomed the businessman into the White House to discuss their transition of power.

Both men claimed the 90-minute meeting went well and offered hopeful words about working together, but not everyone was convinced. The photographs taken during that meeting seemed to reveal a pretty different story.

For example, expert Patti Wood, the “Babe Ruth of body language,” claimed that President Obama and Donald Trump’s posture, gestures, and expressions gave away a lot in regard to what they were really thinking. Just what did she see? Well, nothing good…

Body language, posture, and gestures can reveal a lot about what a person is feeling, despite what they may say. When body language expert Patti Wood analyzed the recent meeting between then President Obama and then president-elect Donald Trump, she claimed that their rapport wasn’t as positive as Trump had suggested.

AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Patti said that President Obama’s body language suggested he was “extremely fatigued, resigned and not hopeful.” Conversely, she described Donald Trump as being “tentative” and “fearful.” This description is less than ideal when it comes to such an important meeting.

02-donald-trump-obama-meetAP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

“If you look at the seating position—their lower legs, they are both in the male, alpha position saying, ‘I am a man,'” Patti said. The two men may not have been going at it with their fists, but they were challenging each other with their bodies.

03-donald-trump-obama-meetKevin Lamarque / Reuters

Both men have said their meetings went well and hope to work together for a smooth transition, but if Patti’s read was correct, they might not be telling the whole story! That wouldn’t be very surprising, considering the contentious election that had just taken place.

It’s not terribly surprising what Patti sees in these photos. While body language isn’t a perfect science, it can definitely paint a vivid picture. In this picture, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “grimace” could be perceived as proof her being fearful, or lying.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey might not think he’s saying anything by closing his eyes before answering a question here, but according to body language experts this could indicate that he is trying to hide something.

Genuine smiles reach the eyes. Smiles like the one Christie is showing off right here, might seem sincere on the service, but notice how his eyes seem to be sad. This is an indicator that his smile is not genuine. 

In this photograph, Barack Obama’s crossed arms could just be a way he’s chosen to stand arbitrarily. However, body language experts have suggested that crossed arms means a person is resist to the ideas they are hearing.

If you’re ever concerned whether or not someone is genuinely smiling, always look at their eyes. In this photo, notice the tell-tale crinkles around Barack Obama’s eyes. That’s a natural reaction consistent with a real smile. 

If you have ever spotted two people in conversation and wondered what they were talking about, body language is a great tool for that, too. In this image, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have inclined their heads towards each other, body language which indicates that they are in agreement.

It is amazing what can be revealed through an accurate assessment of body language. Now that you have a couple of pointers, you will be able to learn so much more about your politicians!

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