Throughout its existence, humanity has found a number of unique ways to memorialize loved ones. From ancient pyramids to cremation, just about every culture has created structures and institutions that help keep the memories of those no longer with us alive.

What Justin Crowe has developed is only the latest—and perhaps creepiest—of these innovations. His idea, which has grown into a service he calls Cremation Designs, began when he purchased 200 bones online from a seller who typically deals with medical professionals.

What he did with the bones next, however, was truly nuts: he baked them into pottery.

Artist Justin Crowe had an idea for a project… and it required him to purchase 200 bones that had belonged to 200 different people.

01-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

Using the ash from those bones, he created an eight-person set of clay dinnerware.

02-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

First, he had to grind the bones down into a fine, ashy dust.

03-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

Next, he coated the pottery in the dust.

04-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

Then, he baked the pottery pieces in a kiln at 2,400 degrees.

05-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

The result? Mugs, cups, plates, and bowls, with a light-blue coloring, that were completely ready-to-use.

06-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

In order to celebrate his successful art project, Justin held a dinner party.

07-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

What happened next, however, was a little unexpected. People began asking him to make custom pieces for them from their loved one’s remains as a way to remember them.

08-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

The idea was that, rather look at an urn or tombstone, the pottery was a way for people to keep their loved ones involved in everyday life.

09-bone-dinnerwareCremation Designs

Now, he has a whole company, Cremation Designs, that’s working to take remembrance to a new level…

That’s not necessarily your average way to keep the memory of a loved one around, but you can probably see why some might be interested in it. Justin also makes other sorts of decorative pottery. Visit his site for more information.

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