Though we all love an underdog and like to pretend size doesn’t truly matter, there are instances where it absolutely does. When you’re picking a fight, for instance, size differential is something to be seriously considered, at the very least.

This little detail matters when, say, the person you plan to fight is the bouncer of a club… who also happens to be a 320-pound MMA fighter.

One drunk guy outside of a bar decided physics were overrated when he tried to take on said bouncer, and the results were, well… pretty instantaneous.

When it comes to a physical altercation, many people think that it’s not the size of the person in the fight, it’s the size of their heart. While this may be true in stories like David and Goliath, when it comes to real-life skirmishes, size is a very deciding factor.

One late evening outside of a busy bar, a male patron was clearly upset. He had apparently been kicked out by the bouncer who deemed him too drunk. It was the bouncer’s job to ensure the safety of everyone in the bar, and the guy was becoming disruptive.

Even though he was no longer in the bar, he was still very intoxicated and acting aggressively toward the people around him. His friends tried to convince him to drop the matter and leave calmly, but he wanted to make sure the bouncer knew how angry he was. 

Little did the inebriated man know, the bouncer was a skilled mixed martial arts fighter and had to deal with guys like him almost every night. He was also nearly twice as big as everyone he let into the bar, so there wasn’t much that intimidated him.

The intoxicated patron approached the bouncer quickly; he was yelling threats and cursing loudly. He was clearly trying to rile the bouncer up and get him to swing a punch. The bouncer remained calm and collected, and he simply smiled at the man’s antics. What exactly was about to happen?

The bouncer eventually realized that this guy was not going to leave without getting into some sort of physical altercation. He had something he wanted to prove, and he was not going to leave until he at least tried to prove it.

The bouncer decided that if this guy wanted a fight, then a fight was what he was going to get. He was a skilled mixed martial arts fighter, and he was confident that he could end the encounter quickly if need be.

The man’s friends seemed to start egging him on from the other side of the street. They wanted to see what would happen if their buddy decided to take a swing at the enormous bouncer. The onlookers were working him up into an adrenaline-fueled frenzy.

Suddenly, the drunk man threw a quick punch. It happened so fast that it looked like the bouncer may have been caught off guard. But, using his martial arts training, he ducked the punch. Then, the bouncer decided to showcase more of his skills…

How exactly did the bouncer handle the drunk man? Watch the video below to learn exactly why you don’t let alcohol do the talking for you. He’ll think twice before he gets into a physical dispute with someone that big ever again!

Seemed like the drunk guy was asking for a beatdown when he picked on a dude that big in the first place. Little did he know that the bouncer was also MMA fighter John Hernholm, who holds a 5-0 record as an amateur and a 1-0 record as a pro.

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