Animals are beautiful, but like a lot of beautiful things in the wild, they can also be very dangerous. That is why if you ever spot a creature in its natural habitat you should definitely give it the widest berth possible.

If you are passionate about wildlife and want to interact with animals more than is possible at the zoo, there are all sorts of parks and sanctuaries that encourage interacting with their animals. This is safer for the animals and safer for you, too!

However, just because you’re more protected at these locations, that does not mean you won’t feel a little nervous. Interacting with wild animals can be a daunting experience, even if you’re doing it from the safety of your car, and we’ve got proof!

This family of three decided to spend their weekend visiting some of their favorite animals. They packed themselves into the car and headed out for the Tennessee Safari Park.

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This very cool interactive wildlife experience is open year round! Its collection features emus, lynxes, lemurs, and so much more. When the family arrived, they bought seed and grain to feed the animals from inside their cars. 

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The safari park’s rules are very clear. No driving over 5 MPH, no smoking, no littering, and if an animal takes your feeding bucket — let them have it! With this is mind, the family’s first stop was at the pen where the llamas and the camels were kept, food in hand. 

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The older of the two little boys couldn’t have been more excited to feed the animals! He leaned forward from his car window and offered up the bucket of feed to the camel who happily munched away. 

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His little brother, however, had a very different sort of reaction when he fed one of the llamas! See what happens when it’s his turn to come face to face with a wild animal…

It’s hard not to laugh at the poor little guy! He is so terrified, but that llama has nothing but snacks on his mind. Just priceless!

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