So much of our world remains a mystery. Think about it: how can we really be certain that urban legends don’t exist? This notion is so strong that some people spend much of their time hunting for the world’s most elusive creatures, even if it’s just to get a glimpse to prove that the legends are real.

Usually, though, it’s those who aren’t purposely looking for ghosts and monsters who tend to encounter the supernatural… or so they claim. At least that was the case with one group of boys in Argentina, who, while playing soccer, spotted something that made them run away screaming.

Luckily, the boys had their cameras on them. You won’t believe what they captured on film…

In the Argentinian city of Santiago del Estero, a group of young boys were playing soccer when a shadowy creature approached them in the distance. One boy happened to be filming at the time, and got a shot of the unfamiliar beast, which sent the children running and screaming in fear.


Check out the full video below and see for yourself. Do you think this odd animal could be a goblin, as the boys claimed?

Whatever that strange thing is, one fact is certain: it is undeniably scary, and it would send many others running away as well. What would you do if you saw something like this approach you and your friends?

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