One of the first games little kids learn (often on family road trips) is “I-Spy.” Finding hidden objects is a great way to help improve the brain’s development over time, and it’s a load of fun to boot!

From Where’s Waldo to the I-Spy books, there’s so much fun to be had with hidden image puzzles. There’s nothing quite like that moment when you get to say “Got it!” Artists like Gergely Dudas and Max Knoblauch knew that feeling all too well, and so they decided to take what they knew and create their own very special kind of puzzle.

Just take a look and see if you can solve ’em. They’re harder than you might think…

1. Can you spot the panda in this image full of elephants? You would think that in a picture like this, something as easily identifiable as a panda would be easy enough to find. However, sometimes appearances can be deceiving…

01-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

And here’s the answer! Isn’t it crazy how easily a black-and-white animal can blend right into the crowd? These gray, orange, yellow, and white elephants somehow make the perfect place for the panda to hide.

02-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

2. Your panda hunting challenge has only just begun. If you had a hard time with a pattern like the elephants, you’re going to have even tougher time finding out where the panda is hiding in this image. Can you spot him in this scene full of dogs?

03-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasMatthew Merrill

There he is! See, when you imagine a panda, you have a very clear idea in your head of what he’s going to look like. However, in this find-the-panda puzzle, the design is just different enough to throw you off your panda-finding game. He almost looks like some of the puppies, no?

04-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasMatthew Merrill

3. Had enough of pandas? Then you’ll want to try this puzzle. All of these little critters are hamsters except for one. Don’t get frustrated if it takes you awhile to suss out the thing you’re looking for. That said, don’t forget to enjoy the silly images, like the hamster in a wedding veil!

05-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasMax Knoblauch

These are all hamsters save for one: a potato! This quiz is strangely challenging. All of the critters are similar colors, and you’ll notice their general shape is similar, too. You’re so focused on the goofy little things each hamster is doing—like holding a hammer or wearing Groucho Marx glasses—that you don’t notice the silly spud!

06-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasMax Knoblauch

4. Now things are really starting to get fun. Here we have a sea of caricatures of United States senator Bernie Sanders. But Bernie isn’t the only man in this sea of white-haired wonders. Can you find the one Doc Brown from Back to the Future in this picture?

07-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasMax Knoblauch

There he is! For those of you not in the know, this might have been a little bit tricker. Doc Brown is one of the main characters from Back to the Future. He was played by Christopher Lloyd. Even knowing that, he’s hard to find.

08-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasMax Knoblauch

5. It’s the eternal question of which came first: the chicken or the egg? Here’s an Easter-themed version of that same question: the egg or the bunny! While you ponder the answer, can you find the egg in all of these bunnies? It’s trickier than you think!

09-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

There it is! This quiz doesn’t even seem fair. Even if you were looking with eagle-eyed precision, you might mistake that so-called “egg” for something like a rabbit’s paw or perhaps one of its ears.

10-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

6. Where’s the panda hiding in this puzzle? That’s right, we’re back on the hunt for everyone’s favorite bamboo-eating friend. In this sea of white snowmen, he might be a bit more difficult to find than ever before…

11-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

Did this one take you forever to figure out? Don’t fret, because you aren’t alone! There’s something about the coal-black eyes of these snowmen that seems to encourage the panda’s gift to blend into the crowd. Here’s hoping he isn’t too cold.

12-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

7. One of these owls is actually a cat. Can you find her? You might notice that some of these owls look a little bit anxious. You probably would, too, if you had a sneaky cat hanging out in your midst who blended in so perfectly!

13-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

Even if you happen to own cats, it’s no small challenge trying to find them around the house. They are, after all, master ninjas.Did you spot this one? You can tell that he feels totally out of place among all those owls. “Whooo’s there?” “Just me-ow!”

Find the Cat amongst the Owls / created by cartoonist Gergely Dudás - pen name 'Dudolf'thedudolf / Facebook

8. Hidden within all of these stormtroopers is yet another panda. Can you spot him? He desperately needs your help to get out of this sticky situation and get back to the safety of his bamboo grove on Alderaan!

17-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

Ha! It’s amazing how hard this puzzle was. Now that you’ve spotted this panda, you’ll realize that he doesn’t seem like he’s in that much of a hurry to leave after all. In fact, it looks like this is one panda whose got a real grudge to settle!

18-panda-elephants-puzzle-gergely-dudasthedudolf / Facebook

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