Whatever their feelings about police officers, most people can probably agree that cops don’t exactly have a reputation for being fun. Tasked with enforcing the law and keeping us safe, it’s no wonder why so many folks think of them as stern and serious.

There’s a good reason for this, though. A police officer’s job is too important—and dangerous—for them to not be incredibly cautious and vigilant everywhere they go. Still, that attitude can make others uneasy, even when they know that they haven’t done anything wrong.

So when this police officer arrived at a cookout in Lebanon, Tennessee, the party guests undoubtedly felt a bit nervous. But once the music started playing, their jaws fell to the floor!

This police officer paid a visit to a cookout in Lebanon, Tennessee. Most people get nervous when cops arrive unannounced at their parties, but this officer did something that nobody would’ve expected.


Someone cranked up the music… and the police officer tore up the floor with his dancing skills! The only bust going on here was him busting a move.


Even better… was that N.W.A. in the background? How perfect would it be if he was dancing to “Straight Outta Compton” (or ironic if it was “F*** the Police”)?


Just watch this officer show off his slick moves in the video below. You could say his performance was… arresting.

It’s great that that cop was able to loosen up and have fun with the people that he protects and serves. It sends a great message to everyone in the community!

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