Everyone can agree that traveling with young children can be a huge hassle. Not only is it a challenge to get everybody packed and out the door, but all along the way, kids require special considerations.

One mother of triplets named Jenna Evans discovered that problems can arise even when your kids are not traveling with you. While on a flight to Dallas, she realized she needed to pump milk for her kids. What happened next was completely unexpected.

Being the considerate person she was, she alerted the flight crew. Their response, however, left her stunned…

Being a mother to young children comes with a host of responsibilities, not the least of which is having to keep babies fed. Many moms opt to breastfeed their children, but that can create very specific complications.

Michael Jastremski / Wikimedia Commons

Despite the fact that breastfeeding is a natural process of life and motherhood, many mothers struggle to find a “convenient” time and place to do it. Sometimes, it makes other people express discomfort, even if their feelings are totally illogical.

Many women choose to wear modesty nursing covers, like the one below, to breastfeed, while others choose to breastfeed in public as they normally would no matter what the people around them may think or have to say about it. It’s a personal choice, really.

Traveling when your children are breastfeeding is never easy, and that became disappointingly clear to Jenna Evans, a mother to infant triplets. Recently, while boarding a plane to Dallas, she experienced something that left her dumbfounded—and she had to let Delta Airlines know about it on social media…

delta-1Facebook / Delta

She wrote: “As a breastfeeding mother to triplets, it’s important that I not miss a breast-pumping session, especially when traveling…” Indeed, it’s always important to keep doing what is necessary to breastfeed on a regular schedule. That’s because a mother’s body operates on its own schedule; when it’s time to pump, you just pump!

“Yesterday,” she continued, “two flight attendants, Kaitlin K and Loretta, on my flight from Atlanta to Dallas-Love Field, allowed me to sit in an empty first class seat for more space and privacy while I pumped in flight.”

delta-2Facebook / Delta

“They offered me snacks and provided TONS of water during my pumping session. Additionally, on my return flight this afternoon, the Dallas-Love Field gate attendant, Talesa, offered me an empty first-class seat so I could do the same.”

delta-3Flickr / Yuichi Sakuraba

“I am incredibly grateful for the lengths these individuals took to make my role as momma much easier and impressed by the advocacy this company has provided for breast-feeding and pumping.” That certainly sounds like a miracle!”

delta-4Facebook / Delta

“Thank you, Delta for making being away from my babies a bit more bearable!” It’s not every day that you hear about a company like an airline doing something so special for one individual, but these flight attendants really went above and beyond!

Arpingstone / Wikimedia Commons

For her part, Jenna was grateful enough to make sure that her appreciation did not go unnoticed. Telling her story and thanking the flight attendants publicly must have felt like the least that she could have done!

Wow! The airline and flight crew really stepped up to be as accommodating as possible! This is the kind of experience all mothers deserve when they have to travel!

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