Anyone who has ever bought batteries knows one thing for sure: it’s nearly impossible to tell when they’re running out of power until it’s too late. And it’s a huge waste of money to buy to new ones if you don’t need them.

Alkaline batteries have also come a long way in terms of strength and durability, but unless you have a voltmeter handy at all times, it’s still a hassle to test them. What ends up happening is that perfectly good batteries find their way into the trash.

This brilliant hack makes it very simple to test those batteries before recycling them. Literally all you need is… a battery.

Batteries, although invaluable, can be a pain to deal with when you’re trying to configure electronics. There are so many different options when it comes to powering all of your electronics!

Sometimes you never quite know which batteries you need until you open up your new tech gadget just to find out the ones you’re using are the wrong size. Or, worse yet, they don’t have enough life in them to last even one full day!

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But, how exactly do you go about testing your batteries to make sure they’re fully charged before you try to use them? Well, you could buy a voltmeter. Although this makes things easy, it can set you back a few dollars that you may not want to spend.

There is an easier, fool-proof method to use for checking how much power is left in the batteries you already have, though, and it can be done anywhere—at no cost! How do you like them apples?


If you have batteries that you’re concerned about, simply find any solid surface; make sure the surface is level and not at an incline or else this hack won’t work properly. This is why you always need to follow instructions.

Now, take the first battery you want to test, hold it about an inch above the flat surface, and drop it on its end. If it stands upright without bouncing around, like this Energizer battery did, then it’s fully charged!


Next, take the second battery in question, and do the same drop technique. If this one is fully charged as well, it should land upright with very little movement. But, if it’s almost dead, it will bounce a couple times and then topple right over, like this Duracell.

After performing this quick—and super simple—test, you’ve now established whether or not it’s time to get rid of your old batteries and buy some new ones. It’s now safe to discard your spent batteries without worrying about being wasteful.


When you you do dispose of your old batteries, don’t simply throw them into the trash. You can contact your local sanitation services to find the best way to dispose of them, or just turn them in at any electronics store.

It’s pretty amazing that instead of shelling out a bunch of money on a voltmeter, all you have to do is find any flat surface and it will give you the same results. But, if you’re still a little confused as to how exactly this works, check out the video below!

This test is so simple and so fool-proof. Seriously, who knew that all it took was gravity?

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